Not so long-ago life was harried.

We were all rushing. Rushing to get to work, rushing to get groceries, rushing to drop the kids off and pick them back up. Our to do list was longer than we ever imagined and we never had enough time. At the end of the day, we were exhausted and yet, there were lots of things that just never got done.

We longed for more time.

We longed for less to do.

Then life as we knew it stopped and we had to stop, take pause, reconnect and adapt. It took us a while, but then the magic happened. We realized that what we considered important and urgent wasn’t anymore. The significance that we place on those things evaporated. Our perspectives shifted. We were able to take a breath. See what really mattered. Yet, we would have never considered it before – the idea to stop, take pause, slow down and reconnect more deeply with ourselves.

Because we were held by our ‘should’s’.

Things we didn’t think were possible. Things we were sure society wouldn’t accept. And while the new situation potentially causes new stresses and hardships, we’ve experienced things that previously we would have never entertained. . . .

  • We’re working from home and it works with dose of humanity mixed in!
  • We’ve learned grace and tolerance from the befuddles of technology with star appearances from our kids and barking dogs.
  • We’re making dinner and sitting around the table as a family and talking.
  • We’re enjoying time with our kids. We’re bonding and connecting in more meaningful ways. They might actually think we’re pretty cool!
  • We’ve found time to try new things – like make pasta with our kids or baking.
  • We’re connecting with our friends out of state and across the globe on a regular basis with a technology that at one time was taboo.
  • And then there’s the pile of books that we never had enough time to read and that is now dwindling.
  • We play with our dogs and actually spend time engaging with them.
  • We planted flowers and vegetables and the harvest is now bearing fruit.
  • We get outside and take walks. Getting out of the four walls and breathing the air and smelling the roses.

Enjoying now, what at one time, were considered the simple things.

While we may not have as much personal space at home as we would like, the trade-off has been gifts of connection with the human spirit, family and being PRESENT – even with social distancing we found ways to connect and be connected.

As much as we long for life to be back to “normal” and doing all the things we did before because we “should“. . .

What If, we take pause as the world is reopening.

What If, we decide to take an active hand in re-shaping life, re-shaping the new normal in a way that has more meaning and is more meaningful to us?

What If, we reconsidered our list of “shoulds“?

What are the gifts that you have been experiencing and how do you hold onto them?

What fills up your soul?

What gives you joy?

What keeps you balanced?

What do you desire?

Your heart and soul is your wayfinder, your north star.

It’s time to rethink your ‘shoulds’.

You have choices.

Make them meaningful ones.

Because you can!