Can you imagine a reality where you forgot that diets existed? In your reality they are just not there. Imagine scrolling social media one day and seeing someone mention a diet and you were like, “oh yeah…diets. Is that even a thing? I forgot.”
Do you think that this reality exists for you or do you believe that it’s totally impossible?
Watch this FREE training and then play along with the exercise below. Then get ready to call in the reality where meal plans and diets simply do not exist. Where eating is effortless and fun. Where you live in a body you are totally in love with.

What does your ideal body look like? What does it feel like? 
What feelings does it create for you when you envision it? What are the body sensations?
What are the things you can do now to practice feeling that way right now? 
How can you upgrade the frequency of that feeling? 
Now ask: 

  • What does my body want?
  • What am I putting in my body? Does it make me feel the way I want?
  • What is in my current reality so I can align to receiving that body now?
  • Energetically clear my body before bed by asking, “Is there anything there that was said or thought or felt that didn’t get to be expressed or heard?” Do it even when I feel shitty. Give myself that space.

These are practices to shift your vibration and are so powerful. 

When you tune into your lucid state (kind of a blend of consciousness), as your body travels into a subconscious for 8 hours you literally hold that state for that long. So whatever you choose (like for example you are having a fight with your body and you say something negative about yourself in the mirror while you are brushing your teeth) then your body is literally soaking in that all night long. 

1-Do an energetic clearing. “Is there anything that I deprived my body of today? Is there any need I had that did not get met? Did I force her to do anything she didn’t want to do?”
There is deep value in clearing your cells before you go to bed especially when you feel shitty or have a bad day. You can choose to go inside and look at what is there so you don’t stew in your shit juice all night. You can practice this each night so that you can align with that energetic state of your best body. 
Then you can explore your body sensations in the morning too. For example you may wake up and notice that you feel some heaviness in your heart. And then see that last night you didn’t give yourself permission or space to pay attention to your body…so you woke up with more of it. That is a gift too. No shame in it at all as that defeats the purpose of clearing your energy. Simply thank it for the reminder of how valuable you are and how important your body is and how I get to honor it. 
This practice only takes a couple of minutes and you get to be clean and clear. Now you can match the high vibrational state of the body you desire. You are communicating openly and there is trust which creates harmony. This is where eating and moving and feeling fantastic become effortless! It DOES exist and it DOES not require a diet or a meal plan.

2-See the vision of the timeline you want because you are clearer and open to receiving the communication from your body. Your BFF! You can say “I see that I am worthy of the most energetic and beautiful body. I can see myself traveling the whole world sharing my passion and radiating my aura in all its light.” You get to feel it in your body. This is something that you can exude it because it is going to soak in your system all night long! 

3-Use images and symbols to activate your desired feelings. Feel them matching up and aligning with all your cells. For example, you desire a strong body. The feeling you are after is powerful. If that feeling had a symbol then perhaps it’s a star. Envision that star in your mind’s eye as you drift off to bed and allow it into your body. Your cells will encode that and align to receive more strength. 

4-Put a smile on your face as you go to bed. It gets to be fun and easy. You choose it to be that way. When you smile you stimulate muscles in your face to release tension and flood your body with healing chemicals. It’s another way to open up the lines of communication with your body, build trust and harmonize.