ENJOY YOUR TIME OFF or at least out of the office. So many of you have needed free time to get your homes, families, or your kitchens in order. For many of you it’s time to get clear if you are going in the right direction in life. NOW is that time to evaluate & organize yourself, & your life to get more of what you desire!

ex. If more people did this, could you imagine in a month how many people will be looking for new jobs, leaving ones they hated but would feel perfect for you?

Use this time for your goodness, not against you. There is little to be gained in sitting around, speaking excessively about your fears of what you cannot control. Everything is a gift if you allow yourself to see it. Yes, maybe you’ll incur debt -have faith that the economy will be forced to adjust too -you’re not the only one. And hold space that opportunities you didn’t imagine are coming forward; and likely were not even possible until now. Be calm and ready so you can see them when they do appear.

Stay in the mindset of your joy & wellbeing. Maybe this downtime could result in the most prosperous time ever; perhaps it awakens new points of view for your work & life’s potential. Maybe bc you are for once free of social obligations and other expectations and pressures you can go inward and re-spark your visions, passions & creativity for your life & the world.

If the worst scenario comes to be, the loss of loved ones, check in with your heart. Where are you holding your love and faith? Chances are you can still hear their voices, consult with them. Ask them what they would be wishing for you moving forward? How would they want you to be living? In fear, or in joy? You know the truth.

Whatever it happening, it is here for you. USE IT FOR YOU.

We’re all in the same boat. Worrying and frantically scooping out water when a ship has a giant hole is pointless. Yes some people will choose this as martyrs and wear themselves out during this time. While the coronavirus isn’t affecting us equally, it is affecting us simultaneously. This doesn’t increase the chances for survival. We’re all in heightened states of awareness that this is not life as usual. Note how many of these busy people look & feel joyful; and how many are resentful and bitter of those who are taking this happening in stride. Instead choose your life jackets: meditate, breathe, exercise, eat properly, spend time with your family, remember what brought you joy. If life was truly meant to be misery, what are we really trying to save? Hint – life is not meant to be only misery.

Be compassionate to yourself and others. This is a time to remember we are all of the same energy and on this journey together. If helping others feels good -do it! If it feels stressful, then don’t – it won’t really help anyone in the long run if you add to the anger & frustration of this world.

What can help others: becoming more you and bringing more of you to the world. Bigger visions of yourself and this life can create change. If you make a choice and feel guilty, you’re not paying attention to what you really want. Look again. Did it lift your spirit? How can that be wrong? Did it make you feel bad -were you really following your desires to create or do what you wanted?

Now is the time to try new things, to experiment, and respond to the world like you have never done before -use it with intention:

TO DO: Meditate, write, think about where you are now and the things you’d like to change. Not what is wrong, what you’d like different (this subtle difference matters). Make a list of what you would like different for the world, your community, your family, your life. Now is the time to focus on those things and put your energy into having it! Once you’re clear, right action becomes clear. You can have it, only if you focus on going in that direction.

Today is a new Day! What else is possible now?