It’s a wild notion to consider that either everything we’re going through is a complete nonsensical happenstance, or preparing us up to achieve exactly what we’ve asked for.

I agree that for some of us, the human condition based on purpose, growth and design could seem like a loose concept. Mistakes, wrong jobs, wrong partners, unfulfilled lives, war, infidelity, disease – all fly in the face of a pre-destined future based on growth, love and purpose.

Despite this, nature has an uncanny way of showing us how the world works. When we apply nature’s wisdom to our situations, areas we feel to be ‘mistakes’ – are re-purposed into growth and new life. If you think about it, nothing really dies in nature, everything that looks to have perished is re-purposed to support a new or existing eco-system.

Problems that come our way are the same.

Any mistakes you think you’ve made, although seemingly costly, tend to have a deeper meaning to apply. That so-called mistake was you tuition to learn that lesson. Whether it be to love deeper, trust in our personal or business decision-making process, to help out a friend, to seek help ourselves, to help others with their own growth, to be better with our money etc. There are literally no ‘mistakes’, only an adjustment for better decision making in the future.

If on the other hand we get stuck in the ego and justify our position, we can easily be offended by the happenstance and allow the offensive act to define us, as well as every future decision we will ever make. The ego’s favourite tool is intellect.

Our choice.

In talks, I speak about our planet and the planets’ nature constantly, with the ocean often used when drawing on a simple but very effective analogy to quandaries we face every day. More importantly, though Is the undercurrent beneath the ocean surface.

The surface of the ocean is what we see (our situation), but to the trained lifeguard, there’s more to the eye than allowing surface conditions to dictate safe swimming conditions. The undercurrent influences the surface dramatically. When we identify the undercurrent, we identify intended wisdom and make the next right move from that realisation. First move here is to know THERE IS always an undercurrent at play. And from this, THERE IS meaning to your current situation, even if we can’t immediately identify the reasoning or see it on the surface. Because the undercurrent influences the surface, it plays a role we can’t ignore when swimming.

The undercurrent is key to your situation and it is this lesson you’re avoiding Or embracing right now. Think about what challenges you’re going through currently, is there a deeper meaning to your quandary. Could this deeper meaning be setting you up to acknowledge something to bring you closer to what you’ve asked for?

Now let’s talk about your desires.

It’s the seemingly random circumstantial happenstances that fool you into thinking your desires are not going to happen. What you want is actually on route to you, provided you can take today’s lesson, not become offended by the lessons’ presence, and look to new exciting horizons from your new found wisdom.

So what’s the next right move?

  1. First of all, be patient and gentle with the fact you’re a unique human being exposing your brilliance. In that brilliance, there are certain situations ( your undercurrent) that will shape who you need to become. Some will be comfortable, others will not.
  2. Second, do not listen to random people, talking about random Sh^%, unless you want your life to be random. Talk to lifeguards about the ocean, not beachgoers with ‘vast experience’ who hit the sand 3-4 times a year. Learn to become specific about how you view your current lesson and ask, what is this trying to teach me about reaching my potential.
  3. Thirdly, embrace the idea of your divine brilliance. There’s something you’re here to do. There’s a world or person you’re destined to impact in some way. If you’re for your journey, every single happenstance is a guidepost on your way to who you are meant to be. EVERY happenstance is trying to teach you something to get you to where and WHO you want to be. No accidents if you’re living with Intention.

When the above is absorbed, there’s no stopping you from habitually embracing the true you. There’s only ever been you. Whether you perceive life to unfold for or against you is again, your choice.