Almost everyone wants others to like them. But how possible is it for everyone to like you? What do you do when they don’t? Do you even need everyone to like you?

Here’s the truth…

Many people live to please others, so they try to do whatever it takes to win favors or gain the approval of others. While doing this might be okay, it becomes a problem when you no longer have a personality of your own. You’ll often be left struggling to please one person and remaining in the good books of another person in a different direction. It’s way too stressful.

So what do you do?

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Since you have unique features, your preferences may upset another person. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to be your best. Don’t cower to someone else’s standards.

The truth is that not everyone will like you. Some would wish they were in your shoes, and others who don’t know how to appreciate others would never like you. So, stop questioning your identity.

Look at this…

When you lose yourself because of others, you won’t do what makes you happy. So you end up losing connection with your true self. You become lost and no longer whole. You’re emotionally unstable and become exhausted running helter-skelter, trying to get everybody on board.

What you should do is make their rejection your motivation to work harder. And if they go, that’s alright. With fewer persons in view, you can see clearly and put your time, energy, and money to better use. Instead of chatting away or explaining yourself, you’ll have enough time to invest in learning or strategizing to become a better person.


Instead of staying defeated, wondering why someone doesn’t like you, raise your head high. Put on your best smile, and sway with an air of confidence. Before you know it, you’re a better version of yourself, and you won’t even mind whether someone likes you or not.