A social media icon with zero likes.

Would you be a better person?

Would you have more meaningful personal relationships?

Would you be happier?

Would you be more fulfilled?

Would you pay more attention to your children? To your spouse?

Would you feel more free?

Would you wake up more fresh each morning?

Would your senses be more active?

Would you see more of what is right in front of you?

Would have more actual friends?

Would you see more things in the world?

Would you pay closer attention?

Would you feel better about yourself?

Would you be more active?

Would you be less comparative?

Would you sleep better?

Would you find a different way to do everything you do on social media?

Would society be better off?

Would the world be safer?

Would you be more trusting?

Would you think more?

Would you take action?

Would you be more a part of your community?

Would you go outside more often?

Would your eyes be better off?

Would you develop photos of your loved ones?

Would you roam more often?

Would you complain less?

A table with multiple computers on it and people working on them.
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Would you see your friends more often?

Would you read more?

Would you talk more?

Would you be better prepared?

Would you be less vindictive?

Would you be more understanding?

Would you have a longer attention span?

Would you be less worried about your privacy?

Would you spend more time listening?

Would you make more eye contact?

Would your neck feel better?

Would you feel more special?

Would you be more productive? More efficient?

Would you be more sociable?

Would you work the same way?

Would you take more pride in what you do?

Would you be more driven?

Would you be more sympathetic?

Would you know as much?

Two social media influencers taking a photo of themselves.
Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

What if social media never existed?

What would your life feel like?

What would you have more time for?

What would you value?

What would you spend your time doing?

What would you lose?

What would you gain?

What would our world feel like?

What would be safer?

What would you do today?

What would you do tomorrow?

What would the future look like?

What would be different in your life?

A woman sitting at a table staring at her phone.
Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

Would you be more content?

Would you hold conversations longer?

Would you make more phone calls?

Would you be healthier?

Would you be smarter?

What would you do with yourself if social media never existed?

Do you ever wonder? Do you ever wish that it didn’t exist? The abyss that takes up so much of our time and energy. That takes control of our businesses. That takes our information. And repurposes it. For others.

Because social media is the biggest con we have ever seen. Guised in social, but built to strip us of our preferences. So we can be marketed to. Ad nauseam.

Not for our good. For their good. For their pockets.

They wanted us to become addicted. They wanted us to need social media. To not be able to live without it. To not be able to look up from our f*cking screens long enough to take in our loved one’s new haircut. Or to actually watch our kid perform a toddler dance, off-beat and off-tune, but lovely.

We are co-conspirators in this crime. We allow it. We champion it.

It’s adding bigger walls. Social and virtual ones between us and other actual people. We interact with avatars of ourselves. We look into each other’s eyes on FaceTime. We are passing on life.

What If Social Media Never Existed?

Would we be better off? As people. As a society. As a universe.