Here are a couple more excerpts from “What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”, coming out later this Spring. A breezy, whimsical read packed with tips on how to create your own luck in life and foster a successful mindset, it’s Co-Authored by Cody May and Neil Morton, entrepreneurs and partners at the global marketing agency

Get Away from Your Desk

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, interrupt your thought pattern by taking a walk outside. 

You don’t need a destination. Just walk by yourself, with your business partner, or select team members. Breathe deeply, discuss the problem, and you’ll gain some clarity.

A few years ago, we got bogged down while building our own agency’s new website. We had had multiple meetings to discuss the website’s look and feel and our process, but weren’t getting anywhere. Months passed with no progress.

Then one day, we went for a coffee walk with our designers. That was the turning point. That conversation clarified why we were struggling—we had been completely overthinking our agency’s project in a way we never did for client projects.

We decided then and there to refocus the website on our key business principles, strip everything down, and declutter its look and feel. We launched a new website that was more robust, less bloated and did a much better job communicating who we are and what we do.

The next time you’re spinning your wheels or your brain is stuck, get up and get some oxygen to refresh your brain.

Use technology as a tool to build relationships with staff and clients.

Focus on Relationships, Not Just Data 

Be obsessed with the data that reveals the health of your business, but be equally obsessed with forging emotional connections with your team.

Relationships are the glue of success. Nurture them. Check in with your teammates regularly, ask them how they’re doing, and ask how you can help them succeed. 

We check in with every team member, every week. Even 15 to 30 minutes a week is enough.

What gets scheduled gets accomplished. Scheduling and consistent follow-through with weekly check-ins gives your team members an opportunity to have a voice and to make an impact. 

Keep at it and your employee retention will be sky high, your teammates will be happy and work better, and your human resources specialist will appreciate you all the more. 

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  • Neil Morton

    Marketing Director/Partner

    After graduating from Ryerson’s School of Journalism, Neil enjoyed a successful media, marketing and communications career in Toronto. After nearly 20 years in the big city, Neil and his family returned to Peterborough, his hometown, where he Co-Founded the media company in 2010 (it was acquired in 2021). In 2015, Neil identified a void in the market and teamed up with Studio-N’s Nora Mickee to co-found StudioPTBO (Studio-N + PTBOCanada =, a full service digital agency built for the age of social media that now has clients across North America. Starting and leveraging that experience as an entrepreneur into launching the start-up has been an extremely rewarding experience for Neil. “The energy, passion, talent, positivity and incredible customer service that offers our clients is second-to-none,” he says. “We have a dream team here.”  Neil is a social media, marketing and brand expert who often speaks to those topics at events throughout the community and beyond. He is also Co-Host of the StudioPTBO marketing podcast, and is Co-Authoring a book, “What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”, due out Spring 2021 with his agency partner Cody May. When Neil isn’t strategizing how to build and scale his agency and work with more passionate and energetic entrepreneurs to help them build their businesses, you can find him somewhere on Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas in a canoe finding time for peace, reflection, perspective—and more idea generation!