If you’re ready for a revolution; if you’re ready for new outcomes and more alignment and more meaning; if you’re ready to make some decisions (big and small) that you don’t doubt; if you’re ready to shake it up… ask yourself these questions.

What if you lit fire to the clever plans your mind has concocted.

What if you shredded the spreadsheets with the tight calculations of output and input. 

What if you dropped the metrics and the carefully measured columns of pros and cons.

What if you hit mute on outside advice. 

What if you laid aside the lens of fear. 

What if you put down what feels heavy. 

What if, instead, you let your heart lead a revolution in your life?

What if you made your decisions by how they feel, not how they look. 

What if you calculated what you can give, rather than what you can get. 

What if you gazed through the lens of love. 

What if you gave heed to your gut instinct.

What if you picked up the choice that felt lightest.

What if you followed the joy.

What if you let your heart lead the way? 

Try it. For a day or a week or a month or the rest of your life.

Guaranteed: Make your decisions differently and you will make different decisions.

Likely: Integrity will be effortless, boundaries will be honoured, joy will be created. (AKA… less stress, more happiness, more alignment.)

Go’on now. Shake it up. Let your heart take the lead.