They say you can’t change your past, but I disagree.

While the events that happened aren’t erased, you can change how you see your past. You can change how your past makes you feel today and the stories you tell yourself about your past.

When you reframe how you see a painful past, in a sense, you do change your past. That results in changing the impact it has on you today.

What if you scars made you beautiful?

See the leaf in the photo up top? I’ve carried that leaf around with me for an entire year. It’s traveled from Maine to Florida with me. I keep it because the scars on that leaf look like lace. Something tried to destroy that leaf, but the leaf came out beautiful as the result.

Instead of feeling broken, damaged, sad, or lacking from a painful past, let yourself feel strong, resilient, empowered, and yes-beautiful.

You get to decide what stories you tell yourself about your past.

Do you see yourself as a victim or a survivor? Powerless or powerful? Weak or strong? Bitter or grateful? Wounded or a warrior?

You survived a difficult past, but you’re here now. It didn’t defeat you, and it doesn’t have to define you today. You have gifts and strengths from you past. Acknowledge them, and be grateful for them.

Take those scars and make them beautiful.

Make your scars beautiful by embracing your yourself with compassion and remembering who you are. You are divine love and spiritual perfection.

Make your scars beautiful by giving your gifts to others. Freely give to others what it was you most needed in your past.

Make your scars beautiful by forgiving. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.

Make your scars beautiful by taking back your power. Don’t let the past stories define you today.

Your divine beauty can never be lost.

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