What if I let myself fly?

What if I stop making excuses?

What if I get out of my own way?

What if I uncage the bird in me? Allow her sing?

What if I let the lion in me roar?

What then?

What if I make that trip?

What if I get on the growth curve?

What if I relentlessly write?

What if I stop apologizing for being astounding?

What if I say YES to life and living?

What then?

What if I push that wall till it yields?

What if I climb that hill?

What if I soar like an eagle?

What if I allow myself that opportunity?

What if I give myself a chance….a chance to breathe? And heal?

What then?

What if I go slow?

What if I go hard and fast?

What if I allow myself feel and know those feelings?

What if I face those fears? Head on?

What if I give myself a voice? A thundering voice?

What then?

What if I live beyond offense?

What if I am transparent? Uncontaminated? Undisputed?

What if I heal the shadows? The shadows of the past?

What if I transcend your understanding?

What if, …….. I allow myself …… to be…. UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME?

What then?

What if I take The JUMP?

What then?

Doctor. Story teller. Public Health. Researcher. Coach. Writer. Speaker. Advocate. Youth Mentor. Creativity. Holistic Health. Multipotentialite. Divergent. Rebel.

Originally published at onmogul.com.