As an author and a poet, I feel this time is a real awesome ambience for a bibliophile. I’ve been writing my fifth book lately, having completed half of it already. I’ve got some real wonderful poems in the list too. Moreover, with Spotify, I’ve started a podcast host, where we’ll host top authors and journalists each week so that people can go by their valuable insights and take up awesome endeavours during these days.I feel it’s all about a part of life. What we should necessarily do during this period is that, we get to know each other better. We need to get social with social distancing, of course.Moreover, we’ll see a massive decrease in the number of jobs and a magnanimous increase in unemployment. So, we should hone our skills, like I’ve been recently learning French  because I’m a real lover of linguistics. Skill development is very essential for, in the next few months, there will be a huge increase in freelancers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. To find a place among  them would be a real challenge.Hope everyone is doing well. Stay home! Stay safe!