We specialize in quality concrete polishing services for the floors. Our many years of experience and a wide group of satisfied customers are the best showcase of the highest quality services. We operate throughout Poland. Our offer is directed to individuals as well as institutions and enterprises from every industry. We work in houses, apartments and private garages, as well as in industrial halls, warehouses, underground parking lots, company premises, factories and other large-scale facilities.

We work with high-class, modern equipment as well as specialized chemicals and materials. We are a fully qualified team that approaches each order with full commitment, always complying with applicable health and safety standards and regulations (including those that apply in a given plant). We operate in accordance with the schedule agreed prior to the commencement of works. We are timely, conscientious and reliable. We adapt to the needs and expectations of customers – we can work at night or on days off. We provide a 5-year warranty for the work performed.

Why is it worth deciding to polish, regenerate and clean the floors in our company?

Our range of services includes effective concrete polishing, ensuring complete protection and restoration of the surface. The result of our work is the ease of removing dirt and dust resistance, which reduces the costs of cleaning the floor in the future. The polishing process performed by us, in addition to economic values, brings a significant increase in the strength and life of the floor, as well as improves its appearance, giving the effect of a mirror reflection.

We offer professional concrete surface cleaning services. Each floor is analyzed by us in terms of the type of dirt, for which we then select appropriate measures, equipment and methods of operation. We are able to eliminate all dirt, even those that have not been dealt with by other cleaning companies so far. We also remove all types of stains from paints, rust, lubricants, impregnants, battery acid, oil and many other substances, as well as horizontal marking of floors, without the risk of damaging the surface (also covered by the manufacturer’s warranty). The measures we use prevent the smell of the products in a given facility from getting soaked. All waste generated during the works is disposed of by us.

We offer comprehensive services of impregnation, maintenance and repair of floors, the effect of which is effective strengthening, hardening and increasing the life and usability of the surface. These treatments also provide long-term protection of the floor against moisture and the penetration of dirt and stains. They make it easier to keep it clean. The regeneration of concrete carried out by our company improves the appearance not only of the repaired surface, but also affects the aesthetics of the entire facility.

We invite you to use our services

We provide favorable, competitive prices for the work performed. If you have additional questions or are interested in our services, please contact us. We will be happy to prepare an individual, non-binding quote for the works that interest you, free of charge.