There is a vast difference between a sacred intimate love and a domestic love relationship that includes attachment and bondage. In profound love, there is no attempt to control or manipulate another individual, no entanglement between the lover and the beloved. It is a sacred relationship dedicated to supporting each other’s growth on all levels, including the spiritual path. We want only the very best and highest for the beloved. We do not harbor destructive, negative feelings. In divine sacred love, we are able to let go and unite on a deep spiritual level. This love can transcend to divine love, to a sacred relationship.

In such a relationship, genuine love stems from a profound spiritual, mystical, and energetic connection. It is one of the most intimate and beautiful connections because the intimacy reaches far beyond the physical realm, and touches all aspects of our being, especially our energy. We don’t place any conditions on others in this type of pure love. It crosses all societal boundaries, such as age, religious and spiritual traditions, socio-economic backgrounds, and creeds. This pure love is divine and mystical because it is born from our genuine divine nature and longing for the ultimate truth.

On the other hand, for most couples, the intimate love relationship is contractual and focuses more on the physical and on what each person can take away. If you do something for me, I will give you something back and keep on loving you; this exchange is done both consciously and unconsciously. It is subtle.

Yes, we all have some needs we want fulfilled in our intimate relationships. Yet a divine sacred loving relationship will organically attend to these needs. This relationship lies within the inner power of the dynamic between the lover and the beloved. This allows both to abandon themselves completely in the loving and spiritual process of their relationship, and transcend it. The connection is so powerful, profound, mystical, and supreme, it is as if their hearts beat as ONE. Their love will prevail no matter what, and will overcome all obstacles. This love transforms from passion to compassion, then from compassion to ultimate passion–to the Divine.

How to Attract Your Divine Love

1) Walk the spiritual path with a master, or teacher. Then, you can walk with your beloved one. It would be preferable if both of you walk the same spiritual path and are with the same teacher, but that’s not a requirement.

2) Work on yourself, like snow in the sunshine, by melting down the walls of the self-fabricated jail you have created—consciously or unconsciously—to protect yourself from getting hurt by love. Melt yourself into light . . .

3) Make yourself vulnerable and sensitive (daily regular meditation and spiritual practices are extremely important). Only through vulnerability and sensitivity can you tap beyond the physicality of this world.

4) Create a divine sacred love board just for that! Place all kinds of photos and items that would best represent your sacred union. Make sure you add a lot of items or photos that are personal symbols to you.

5) Create a concise list of the kind of beloved that you envision in your life, put it on your board, and place this board in an area where you’ll see it often. Read your list every day.

6) Once a day take 10 minutes to visualize yourself in the most intimate moments with this individual—for example, going on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash or Varanasi, or even getting married by the ocean in Hawaii. As you visualize, place your awareness on your heart region and feel the Divine presence within you. Remember, you are a co-creator with the Divine! So affirm it out loud, and invoke for this divine love to manisfest in your life.

7) Make sure that you are prepared for this kind of love and commitment. Not everyone who wants this kind of love is actually ready for it. You must know deep down that you are completely healed, and whole within yourself. If in doubt, work with a spiritual guide to have more clarity.

8) Stay open and receptive—allow yourself to be willing. These qualities become easier by practicing mindfulness and having a daily spiritual practice (sadhana) in a serene area you have created just for that (shrine). Practice mindfulness daily.

When You Find Your Love

When two individuals, who are sincere seekers on the spiritual path, form and embark on a divine sacred loving relationship, detachment can be one of its most precious qualities. In detachment there is total abandonment of self and complete devotion to one another. There is no grasping, jealousy, lust, insecurity, or envy; there’s only a grand sense of freedom to express the most beautiful, deep, expanded love by embracing the beloved as well as all living beings. Detachment does not create a distance between the loving couple. On the contrary, detachment allows a greater depth of freedom, trust, intimacy, expansion of consciousness, inclusiveness, awareness, and intensity between them. There is nothing greater than a sacred relationship when one is longing to be in a loving, intimate relationship, which is another powerful gateway to the Divine. This relationship is all about self-actualization, self-realization, and liberation for the well-being and happiness of all living beings.

So, are you ready to attract the love of your life and embark on one of the most incredible intimate relationships—and blossom like a lotus in the sunlight? If yes, get started NOW! If no, don’t become desperate; embark on the spiritual path or work on yourself. With patience, perseverance, self-effort, and healing, you will get there soon. Remember, you are never alone.

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