Philanthropy is the focus of eliminating social problems at their source by the donation of resources instead of trying to address the symptoms that it causes. Whether giving money, items, or donating time to an organization, each has a value and adds to the ending of the problem they are set to undo. People who donate these things are known as philanthropists.

This is not a modern practice. As long as there has been free society in the world, there have been those who have wanted to help those less fortunate and will do so in any way they can. The root of the word Philanthropy is defined as love for humankind. It first appeared in ancient Greece before the written word was first invented. Since the beginning of civilizations, there has always been an idea of having empathy for those around you that has been critical to ensuring shared survival.

In ancient times, the best way to help with social problems was to actively take part in the process. Nowadays, if your schedule does not allow for you to donate your time, giving away items that you may no longer need to aid those who could use it. Or you can make financial contributions to organizations that are geared towards the common goal.

Becoming a worker in a local charitable organization or nonprofits are where you can find voluntary needs to fill. They will have set schedules and a list of things that need to be done. Sign up for them and help as you can. Philanthropy can also be a career path. There are other organizations that take in donations to help pay for their employees who work tirelessly to ease the social issue they are working to fight.

Philanthropy is encouraged to be done on a regular basis, but the most important factor is whether it will be a detriment to your life. You want to give as much as you can, but don’t do it if it is going to create a hardship. Donating responsibly is important. For more information on philanthropy and what it takes to become a philanthropist, check out this website here.