I get the impression that this for a lot of people conjures up the idea that this is for the ‘chosen few’. Those that have chosen a job or career that takes them on this path, has a religious connection or they were born with a broomstick or a wand in their hand.

The truth is that this is for everyone who wants it. It’s a connection to the human self, removal of the separation from all that is love, support and the ability to access your higher self and intuition.

Don’t take any notice of people who claim to be special because they happen to have seen and experienced this all along. It’s in everyone on some level, whatever your unique gifts and talents are. Don’t be afraid to claim it for yourself.

My journey to being a spirited human was definitely not all unicorns and cupcakes. If you had asked me what might happen, I imagined running through a field in a white flowing dress, picking daisies and seeing large white angels take me by the hand whilst surrounding me in glitter.

I left the corporate world after 25 years to start my wellbeing business teaching meditation and mindfulness. It was a chance encounter (when are these things ever chance!) with a spiritual mentor that set me off on the path that would lead me to my true purpose. Who could have know the powerful gifts that were part of my ancestory and in my DNA.

My mission to support those in the highest level of management who are stressed and struggling was revealed. I was giving ancient wisdom along with healing tools and the ability to shift and change energetic and emotional states of being.

My most memorable event was when with my spiritual mentor I journeyed to meet my native American ancestors who welcomed me back to their tribe and gifted me with a feather bonnet and peace pipe. I remember thinking “I’ve come home” and feeling so content, but also overwhelmed at what I had just experienced. I sat in the car before going home knowing that nothing would ever be the same.

The reality was there were times when I wondered what on earth was going on and had doubts that I could get through it. I felt as though I had never really known myself, a bit of a shock at the age of 45! This was intermingled with times when I felt almost angelic and blissful where I could see myself and the world in a whole different light. Noticing the beauty in nature and taking time just to notice the joy of being alive.

Then wondering after all that work, who the heck was I now and did I really want that person to be seen by the rest of the world. The answer is yes by the way, but it took a while for that to sink in.

I knew that I wasn’t going back. To not feeling, to not knowing, to having a semi existence without the support of an angelic, spiritual and guiding cheerleading team, which keeps expanding to the point where it sometimes gets a bit crowded.

Why does anyone want this?

Many people are experiencing a crossroads in life. Where they realise that the life they have created, is not the one they were meant to live. They are feeling a sadness and sometimes despair that looking around them, until this point, it’s all been about someone else. Either their family, their career or both. Whatever it is, it’s been something outside of them and they have forgotten what it’s like to be human. To feel, to connect, to feel real joy and freedom of the self.

When was the last time that they did something for themselves, made a choice for themselves? They’ve become disconnected and feel as though life is passing them by

Being a spirited human isn’t about taking yourself on a year out travelling like Julia Roberts in Eat, Love, Pray. It’s about reconnecting to yourself, to your spirit and understanding what you need as a human. If you look at that film, this is exactly what she does, it’s the old adage of finding yourself. You don’t need to travel to India to do that, only if you want to!

Whether you feel that urge to change something in your life or just start to find out who you are, it’s all part of the humanitarian need for connection, starting with ourselves. Wanting to feel alive, loved, appreciated and that there is time to do what YOU want to do, before it all slips past you at the same rate that the last 20 years have.

My journey started with meditation, just a few minutes a day. I would say it’s led me where I am today on a very different path to the one that I thought I was on. Taking time to be with yourself, with no distractions, starting to ask the question “Who am I” and feeling lost when the answer is “I don’t know”.

I was connected with a spiritual mentor who took me through the journey of reconnecting to my purpose and she held the space for me for many months of transformation. I did go in at the deep end, so I would advise anyone to seek out the help of someone who can take you through the steps and make sense of what is happening.  

What are some of the signs that I might be becoming a spirited human?

  1. You might find yourself ask questions about yourself, your purpose, where you are in life right now and seeking answers.
  2. You might start to experience more compassion and emotion for people, animals or situations, including global events and their outcomes.
  3. You might start to feel lost as though you don’t know where you are going. Also potentially experiencing a feeling of wanting to go home, but not yet fully understanding where that is.
  4. You may feel as though you want to spend more time alone in reflection or just with your own thoughts and company.
  5. You start finding synchronicity in events. Being drawn or introduced to people and places. You may be guided to seek out assistance on a spiritual level or find yourself exploring spiritual teachings, even if you never have before.
  6. You may find the desire to eat ‘cleaner’. Wanting to cut out certain items from your diet such as meat or dairy. You might even develop allergies or intolerances to certain foods, which you didn’t have before or be really put off by food types that you used to enjoy.
  7. You start to tune into your intuition more. Having an inner knowing and sense of what is the right thing to do or that there is something else here for you. That you are ready to go in a new direction or choose a new career path.
  8. You start to search for a deeper understanding of yourself. To know yourself better, whilst also experiencing heightened emotions or bringing up events from your past that have shaped your present.

Whether you choose to step on the first stone of the path, not knowing where it will take you is up to you. If you decide it’s not for you, that’s ok too. Everyone has the free will to step off whenever they want.

What I do know is that if you want to know what it’s like, it’s delightful and frustrating in equal measures, with a bit of confusion, peace, lots of wonder and “what just happened” thrown in.

If you feel ready to take the step then you can connect with me to see if you feel that I am the right person to share the journey with you.

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