We wanted to dedicate our first entry to explain in detail what escape games consist of, their mechanics and their general rules. The main objective is to clarify possible doubts, both for those who are beginning to enter the wonderful world of escape rooms and for those who do not yet know this fashionable activity.

If you have no experience, but have heard about it and are looking for information about it: this is your entry! If you are already an escapist expert, you probably won’t find very new information for you. But surely there is some detail that can be useful when you visit escape room Portsmouth. In any case, we hope you find it interesting!

What are the main features of escape games?

The room escape or escape game is primarily mental and skill games. It is an activity in which you must constantly resort to your capacity for observation, analysis and deduction. It does not require a certain level of education since everything necessary to escape from a room is within it. The success lies, rather, in teamwork and in maintaining good communication with the other players. That can make the difference between escaping on time, or not.

The rules of the game”

Although each room can have its own rules, there are a number of premises that are met in the vast majority of escape rooms. For example:

It is not necessary to use physical force

If an object or a piece of furniture can be moved, it will move easily. If it doesn’t move effortlessly, we should never force it. Our first room is adapted for visits with young children and, therefore, all furniture is anchored to the walls to ensure the safety of the participants, including the smallest.

Nor do you have to climb, or climb on furniture or other participants

As a general rule, everything necessary to solve the riddles of the room is available to any participant. In case you cannot access any element “directly” (that is if you cannot see it directly or take it with your hand), you will surely find some tool or mechanism that helps you reach it.

Each key has only one use

That allows us to discard already solved puzzles and prevents us from wasting time testing codes right and left. In addition, this premise is usually also applied to objects. In this way, we do not have to be loading throughout the room with elements that we have already used “just in case” we need them again.

It is played against the clock

That is, there is a time limit to escape from the room, which is usually 60 minutes (as is our case). Although some rooms offer experiences of greater or lesser duration.

Once the game begins, the doors do not open and the clock does not stop

Until it ends, either because the team escapes, or because the objective proposed by the story is met. It may happen that the game stops due to force majeure, but not in normal circumstances … not even to go to the WC! That’s why in Escape room Portsmouth we always recommend that you use it before starting your escapist mission.

If you get stuck, you can ask for clues

In every escape room, there will be a Game Master pending of your team, ensuring your safety at all times. The GM will also monitor your pace of play, to offer help if you see that you are a bit stuck. Although in Escape room Portsmouth we prefer to wait for you to request the clues, which are also not free. But do not worry, you will not have to pay any extra for them … Of course, if you want to know more about our track system, you will have to come and play with us.

And, of course, there is a golden rule that we hope will be fulfilled in all your escape experiences: enjoy every second! Regardless of whether you get out on time or not, whether or not it is a challenge overcome … because escape is important, but it is not everything: you will find great satisfaction in the complete experience of the game. The designers have prepared it for you with great care and all our love!