Business is about to change beyond all recognition.

Many of you as leaders will have felt the shift in the last couple of months of 2020. Where nothing seemed to be stable and the very foundations that you have built on were moving beneath your feet.

Some people turn their nose up at ‘awakening’, believing it’s a lot of woo woo nonsense. Whatever your belief is, the truth is that many people have now awoken. They are coming back to who they are, they are questioning who they are. You might be one of them and this can be a confusing time.

We now stand in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which brings about new levels of consciousness and demand for humanitarian and community principles in leadership.

As part of my own spiritual awakening I have directly channeled this guidance on conscious leadership to help you to take your place as a leader in the age of Humanity, Community and Leadership. Are you ready?

What does it mean in your role as a leader?

Understanding the self

You will feel the desire to understand yourself on a deeper level. To ask yourself what motivates you as a leader. You will feel a calling to take your place and to understand what that means.

To lead consciously is to be effortlessly in tune with your inner self and guidance. To no longer take for granted that people will be happy to be treated less equal than another.

Seeing yourself

You have to open your eyes and see them, which means that first of all you must see yourself. See all your flaws, see where you have pretended and hidden yourself. See the error of your judgement of others. Where you favour the long, the strong, for who says who is strong, who is confident, who is better?

There are many people who are feeling the upheaval of the current changes. Will start to question themselves and their place. Indeed to them everything will feel wrong, out of place, starting to question the way we do things. Government, education, business, economy, because it is all outdated for our new paradigm. Looking outside in, business is all for profit and we now need to understand intellectually how people thrive, not just for mental health, but for true potential.

Taking your place

This takes the one person at the top to make the decision as old ways aren’t working. It’s turning the big ship away from the route it’s followed for many years and making new waves. But first this person must understand themselves, spirit, what does it mean, connection, what does it mean, humanity, unity, connection in business.

Seeing differently

To see differently, to spark passion, feeling, emotion, value, as one with one purpose, one vision. To imprint this vision for everyone. One goal and with this, one whole that shapes the vision. A pyramid of potential in strength not hierarchy.

Achievement with the force of everyone behind it. Not those that think they lack, because everyone must understand it. Personal, intuitive, conscious leadership. Breathe it, see it, feel it, express it, communicate it. Levels of understanding, wellbeing, wellhuman. One connected being.

Whilst the world wakes up it will take time to adjust. You may feel invisible, above or below everything with no sense of belonging anywhere. You will be frightened about voicing your opinion about how you see things. Afraid of ridicule, persecution and abandonment, ostracised.

Connecting to your inner world

You will start to tune into your inner world, yet you will need help to navigate it. Get closer to it and work with it. You are gathering as a collective to be able to create a force of good, A human force, which combined power takes the form of a movement. You are creating a movement.

Creating a vision

You are visionaries for business. From all sectors, those that have the most influence, now you must step up to be a humanitarian leader, setting an example. There will be those that do not understand you, those that will fear you, but many more that will be shone on with your light. A force, a light force. No systems, no structures, but an intelligence, an intellect about how to work with people, how to work for people, a magic, a vision, an alchemy. The work begins with you.

A stillness, to listen, to change the shape, to shape shift the future. To shape other humans into the shape of their potential. To grown their potential. To work with their mind, body and spirit. It’s not a game, it is evolution and you are the leaders who will lead it.

Seeing your spirit

You beat up upon yourselves until you are exhausted. You may as well have a whip that you thrash yourselves with. You do not SEE. Although your eyes are open, they are blinded. By the system, by the expectation, by the demand. By those around you. Even your friends and family. For you see you have forgotten to see within. You grab and you hold on tight to money, to possessions, to a home, a car, to go on planes, yet on the inside your spirit is starved, whilst you heap food upon your own table, an endless on demand supply.

Yet your spirit cries out for nurture, for nourishment, for laughter. For conversation, for love, for remembering your true purpose and wisdom. Using falseness and fear to progress and then know knowing how without being used by the fear.

If I don’t it will all fall, if others don’t see me as this, I will fail. Always failing because you never SEE yourself as enough. Start to see beauty, humanity, kindness, compassion. Smell, see, feel, hear, taste. Use all of your senses.

Then you will light your spirit, for your spirit SEES no limitless, no impossible. Your spirit sees far and wide, up and down, to the clouds and the sun, down to the earth and beyond. Your spirit is calling you.

Connecting to yourself

I am becomes I am not. To define oneself by a status, a title, a role is to diminish oneself in need of recognition. Because you fear without this you are no-one. What, you are not human? Who lives and breathes, laughs and loves. You have become grey in your existence, the colour drained from your spirit. You jump from one box to the other hoping to reach the nirvana only to find it is empty when you get there.

This is the point, the nothing is you, all that you are is nothing, because you NEED nothing to be.

Fleeting joy, fleeting happiness, fleeting satisfaction is all that you are rewarded with for flogging yourself. Yet those with just a bucket and spade dance a merry dance in the rain with wood, with smoke, with fire.

To appreciate even when you have nothing. To gather in nature, to gather nature and to speak only of truth, collaboration, honour and respect.

Suddenly you have a role, you have a purpose, but not looking back at the old you.

The grabber, the quick fix, the lager, the wine, the spirit, the indulgence. You are happy with the stream, the fire and the handmade tools. You feed yourself with fresh plants, fresh water, no chemicals. Wear soft clothes, simple hair, no make-up, natural and soft.

You gather your community and share their unique talents with pride. Everyone can speak, other only listen. They have space and they have time. You understand them and they understand their role. Because it is who they are.

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