Disclaimer: This is an opinion of mine so please take it with a grain of salt and please understand where I am coming from, if you disagree, then I applaud you to let me know why.

Firstly, what does hard mean?

“Not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure”

source: https://www.definitions.net/definition/HARD

I have always wondered how we are able to distinguish something as “hard.” That was until I discovered how subjective the nature of the word is.

For example, who do you think would find it easier to run cross country, Mo Farah or Usain Bolt? Now, who do you think would find it easier to run a 100m race? This goes to show how for some things, people can view it as hard while another can view it as easy. The reason why Usain Bolt is better at 100m is that he has trained specifically in that area, thus making his body the perfect condition for the scenario that challenge may possess, the same applying to Mo Farah when it comes to cross country. Also, when you go to school, it may be difficult to progress further due to the level of competition being difficult, but when you go to another school, progressing is far easier, but the top is the equivalent to that of the bottom in the school which was difficult so while others may find it hard to progress to the top in school, your finding it easier and as a result, your at peace of mind.

Things can also get harder as you process. I was playing a game, FIFA 13 to be specific and when I played seasons, division 10 was very easy for me and I got past it quickly, now I play it on FIFA 19, it is very much difficult. This is due to the fact people have gotten better as more series have been published thus increasing the difficulty as time goes on. So, the level of difficulty very much says division 10 is the easiest with division 1 being the hardest, but when you now apply the seasons e.g. Fifa 1, Fifa 2 etc. The difficulty in Fifa 13, season 1, is easier to Fifa 19, Season 1. So as you progress forward, the difficulty should always rise, that is the nature of things which is why the idea of survival of the fittest exists. you as an individual must always improve, physically and mentally so that you don’t get left behind when the world evolves and start doing things which are different.

The best way to keep up with the rising nature of difficulties is to always improve as previously stated. When you go to college, it is going to be very different from secondary but the skills you gained in secondary is what helps you to stand a chance in college. That’s why you must retain that knowledge and experience. Always make sure you go into a scenario that benefits you. If you go to the hardest settings while still in the mentality of the easiest, you’re bound to fail, but when you go to the settings that your comfortable in, failure is less probable. Train specifically, what I mean by that is to not focus on improving on many things but one specific thing, train and improve again and again and you will find it easier than if you focused on improving on multiple things at the same time. If you do decide to try and improve on many things at the same time, try and improve on a little of all. The idea behind this is that that little that has improved in all of them will add up to making a very significant improvement. But the most important thing is to improve and progress at a pace your comfortable at, not too slow but not too fast. This helps your focus and mood as progressing too slow means your going to be bored and as a result, may get cocky and make mistake whereas, too fast means you won’t even get a chance to make a mistake as you can’t keep up to track with what is going on. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. Help helps you to share the risk and as a result, you will receive half the failure but also half the success, rather than just failure which can be better in certain scenarios.

Conclusion: The word “hard” shouldn’t scare you as it is subjective and only applies when you yourself slack off. Working hard, working steadily and working smart will result in you finding things easy.