So, you came here wondering about lucid dreaming?
Yes, you are at the right place.
Here you will get to know everything about lucid dreaming that you can start experiencing tonight.
But first, let’s go through some basics of lucid dreaming.

What Is a Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming is something that most people come across at least once in their lives. To lucid dream consistently is art that very few people can master. It is the practice of staying in the dream state and exploring it.
This simple realization keeps you conscious during the dream, enabling you to do several cool things such as-

  • Explore Your Dreamworld– Everything you do will feel real to you.
  • It can truly be mind-blowing to discover this virtual world.
  • Fulfill Your Fantasy– You can fly over mountains, can do time traveling, ninja fighting, meet your hero or visit any planet you want.
  • Tap into Your Creativity– Unexpectedly, you can compose music, seek original artistic imagery, and solve problems.

    Everyone has the potential to lucid dream. But only a small number of people can learn how to do it regularly.

Is Lucid Dreaming Scientifically Proven?

Yes, lucid dreaming is scientifically proven. There are many examples of scientific research that prove that lucid dreams exist.
The first scientific proof of lucid dreaming emerged in 1975 from the British parapsychologist Dr. Keith Hearne. For the first time, there was a connection between someone asleep and outside world.
There are many theories which prove that lucid dreams do exist and every year more studies are being published on lucid dreams.

What Can You Do in a Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is perfectly tangible, rich, and visually detailed. It can generate impossible levels of self-awareness, such as multiple simultaneous dreams. As all of this takes place in your mind, the dream world is infinite with no boundaries and no limitations.

But a lucid dream is not a playground. Dream theories suggest that it’s a chance to interact with the different dream characters and even your co-conscious inner self.
Once you know how to become lucid in dreams, you will discover a strange new world which you are fully aware of and can manipulate with the power of thought.

Some Basics About Lucid Dreams You Should

  • The most important thing is to keep a dream journal. It is easy and fun, and ultimately improves your awareness of the dream state, making it easier to wake up in dreams.
  • This will recharge your dream recall.
  • Practice reality checks. It increases your self-awareness by day and penetrates your dreams by night.
  • Lucid dreams call for a boost in self-awareness. It is the mental ability to recognize who and what you are.

These basic ways together form a lucid dreamer. So, now you know what lucid dreaming is and what it can do for you. Now let’s see some of the ways in which you can induce it.

8 Strategies to Start Lucid Dreaming

The Hypnagogic State

It is an experience that marks the onset of sleep. You will almost certainly recognize it, even if you’ve never paid attention or thought much about it before. Hypnagogic state includes an array of visions, sounds, etc. By using visualization methods, we can use this visual hypnagogic state into a lucid dream.

Go Wild (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)

The WILD technique stems from Tibetan Dream Yoga, a Buddhist philosophy used as a path to enlightenment. It’s much easier if you meditate. This is the coolest brain hack that anyone can experience. The name says it all: during a wild, you hand-off your awareness from a physically waking state directly into a lucid dream state.
It has two main advantages:

  • You can choose when to go lucid.
  • The most vivid type of dream possible.

It can be done in the middle of the night or when after you just fall asleep.

The Rausis Method

This method is invented by Swiss dream researcher Jean Rausis. This is a little known mind hack. It is one of the most effective new techniques of lucid dreaming that has come in the last few years.

The Rausis method is the best way to get your dream sign into REM sleep. For this, you just need an alarm clock and a mobile phone.

Manipulate REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep

Most of the lucid dreams occur during REM sleep. To manipulate REM Sleep, you should-

  • First, understand that you sleep in the 90-minute cycle.
  • You have 4-6 of these cycles at night.

REM sleep happens at each end of the cycle and in the later cycle of the night.

Use Sleep Paralysis As SpringBoard

Ever had that awful feeling where you’re awake but your body is frozen and it feels as if you’re pinned to the bed and unable to move? Maybe or maybe not.
Sleep paralysis occurs when you fall asleep and enters REMAtonia. It is the special state that keeps your body still at night and from physically acting out your dreams.
You can easily convert sleep paralysis into an instant lucid dream. So, if you experience sleep paralysis, count yourself lucky as you have on your hands a guaranteed gateway to lucid dreams.

Explore Supplements

The official name to supplement here is “oneirogen”. It means creating a substance that creates a dream-like state of consciousness.

There are many options to choose from and they are effective.
There is no need to go artificial as simple natural herbs can assist in inducing some of the most colorful dreams you can imagine. So think of less supplements.

Try a Device

Believe it or not, there are also headbands, masks, and bracelets that aim to assist you in experiencing lucid dreams. They use various technologies, such as EEG and Heart Rate Monitoring to detect REM Sleep and help to recognize that you are dreaming and becoming lucid.

But till date, lucid dreaming devices have not proven to be that effective. However, this could be changed in the coming years with some recent innovations.

Listen to Brainwave Audio

If supplements do not provide you the best result, you might check brainwave entertainment. These are special radio tracks that you listen to whilst dozing off. Some folks find them helpful for lucid dreaming.
There are various brainwave audio like-
1.Binaural Beats
2.Isochronic Tones
3.Bliss Coded Sound
And many more.

How to Stay Lucid?

Now that you have understood different strategies to start lucid dreaming, let’s see how you how to stay lucid.
To make your lucid dream last longer-

  • Have a calm and focused mindset in the dream world.
  • Remind yourself that you are dreaming to stay mentally grounded.
  • Rub your hands and say “I’m Dreaming.”

Final Thoughts…

If you want to become a lucid dreamer, follow these 8 different strategies. Lucid dreaming is a complex skill that takes time to be learned. So, practice all these strategies to learn lucid dreaming whenever you get the chance.