Manifestation is the practice of purposefully using thoughts, words, and imagery to draw specific positive experiences into your life.

How does it work?

A manifestation practice can be done daily, typically alone in a quiet space. First, get clear on what you’d like to manifest into your life. Then, spend 5-10 minutes doing the following: imagine the emotions you’ll feel and get as specific as you can about what you might smell, taste, see, hear, and feel when you’ve achieved what you’re attempting to manifest.

A key point in manifestation is “letting go of the how”. This means you do not spend time figuring out HOW you might achieve this goal.

The theory: There are many paths that lead to your dream and you may not consciously know which one is most simple and direct. Therefore, trying to plan how you might achieve your dream may limit or delay its fruition. 

For instance, instead of manifesting a $10,000 holiday bonus, you would manifest what already having an extra $10,000 would look and feel like in your life;  Perhaps your entire family enjoying a big vacation, your credit card statement showing zero debt, or a brand new shower in your bathroom.

Manifestation is particular popular right now. In times of uncertainty, it’s an ideal practice providing hope and positivity while simultaneously being risk-free, cost-free, and gluten-free.