Do you at times feel lost? Feeling like there is nothing you can do to better your situation? Better yet, does it seem like you are the only one walking the less traveled road? If this describes you then this article is for you.

So many of us walk through life always searching for that moment that evades us or that never comes. We hope to do mighty things, we harbor mighty visions in our hearts but, unfortunately, none of them comes to fruition. Life seems to be a vicious circle of unrealized dreams and we can be tempted to lead a purposeless life.

Thankfully, you were born with a purpose. Even the scripture puts it categorically that God created each one of us with a divine purpose. Even great scholars attribute the day you find your purpose as one of the most important days of your life.

So, if you desire to lead a purposeful life free of people’s dogma, I will share with you essential steps through which you can find your purpose. No longer will you walk through life frustrated, no longer will the opinion of others set you back, but you will embrace each day eager to handle anything that comes your way.

How to find your purpose

• Explore your Interests

In your day to day conversations, are there regular topics that you talk about? Do your friends find you versed in certain topics, say, politics, nature or technology? Looking at your social media platforms, are there images or articles that you share regularly?

Consider what you talk about every time you meet with people. Also, consider what you like sharing on social media. These topics that you regularly engage in could reveal your purpose in life.

• What bothers you?

Are there injustices reported on the 9 O’clock news that hurt you to the core? Each one of us hurts from at least one injustice. Could be poaching, homelessness, corruption or environmental degradation. Perhaps the idea of refugees being forced to slave in farms makes you scream silently.

Joining volunteer groups and organizations that address such injustices may be the first step to stepping into your purpose. Supporting a cause you believe in is not only humane but satisfactory.

• What do you love to do?

Considering what you love doing can help you discover your purpose. What is that one or two activities that have you firing on all cylinders? Do you love playing the guitar or landscaping? Whichever the activity, realize it and brainstorm how you can turn it into a meaningful activity. You can join groups that can help you further improve on your skill set and help you earn a living from it.

• Get into action

Thinking alone won’t help you realize your purpose, you have to take massive action. So, instead of worrying yourself to death overthinking, start taking steps that will propel you towards your purpose. In fact, action births clarity which facilitates focus. Therefore, the massive action will be geared to only one objective; realizing your purpose.

Over to you

Realizing your purpose is to a one-off activity; it is a journey. Through the journey, you can get bruised, cut but having your mind and heart fixated on the reward, will turn these hurts into building blocks that can help you realize your purpose. Don’t falter, keep searching for it, you will find your purpose sooner than you expected. 


  • Allan Wanjiku

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