You might know how much the marketing world has changed. It’s so true that Online Marketing has replaced traditional marketing techniques. Recent researches show that nine out of ten businesses in the United States, UK and Australia have shifted their marketing bases and spend more on online marketing channel including search engines & social networks.

According to VR Marketing Agency in Canberra, It’s hard to stay relevant to your business without keeping up with the latest Marketing Agency techniques. It makes sense for companies to move online as that is where most of their customers are. And this is the reason why most businesses have an online presence and engage with their customers through digital channels.

With Online Marketing, you can promote your brand to targeted customers and get measurable results in real-time. With the right analytics in place, retailers can measure the return of their digital investment to quite an accurate figure. The possibilities of growth in digital words is unimaginable. Some companies have attained a billion-dollar turn over in less than a decade, while other have multiplied it manifolds.

A skilled marketing agency generally offer a range of service to help you identify and reach your target customer. With the right mix of Organic, Pay Per Click & Social Media Engagement, not only they bring revenue but transform your business into a brand. When you work with a skilled marketing team, they get your leads and then help you convert leads into customers which means long-term sales growth.

Online Marketing services

  • Search engine optimization- To improve a website’s overall searchability or visibility, you will need S-E-O services. S-E-O techniques can put you on the top of the search results with the right keyword placement. The demand for S-E-O has increased for its digital properties i.e. better organic rankings and maximum visibility.

Prerna from Ministry Of Cleaning Melbourne says they have doubled their revenue in less than 2 years with the help of right Marketing Agency. However it is important that you use caution when hiring an agency or a freelancer. S-E-O generally includes a set of high level activities including Keywords Analysis, On-Page Website Optimisation, Off-Page Optimisation, Link Building etc.

  • Social Media Optimization- Whether you are targeting B2B or B2C audience, there are social media platforms for everyone. Most prominent ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and last but not the least Youtube. Most of your potential targeted customers will be reachable on at least one of these social media sites.

Moreover, these platforms are not only to promote sales but are used for customer service as well. SMO starts with building an audience for your brand and setting up the right channels to showcase your business and offer. Some involve conversations with influencers from your field who markets your business to their followers. While S-E-O brings you warm leads, Social advertising can boost engagement and branding aspects of the business.

  • Pay per click Ads management (Google or Facebook ads)- S-E-O  takes time and so does building engagement from Social media, however to keep the lights on, you need customers from day 1. This is when PPC advertising come into play. It is essentially showcasing your offer to customers and if they click on your advert, they are taking to yoru target page, and you pay a certain cost to the advertising platform.

Primary Benefit of Pay per click is that it allows you to get leads immediately. The most popular PPC platform available for potential customers is Google Ads previously known as Google AdWords. By utilising PPC, you can reach new customers/target markets for your brand and start seeing conversion within hours. Google or Facebook Ads allows you to select your audience to quite a granular level based on location, interest, demographics, income, gender etc. One thing to keep in mind is that PPC costs have been rising year on year and is generally recommended as a short term strategy.

Courtesy: VR Marketing Agency, Canberra