The essential question Of life

I have been intrigued by this question from a very young age. Now after several years and multiple life experiences I believe I know the answer. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution claimed we had come from a less sophisticated model and evolved through natural selection and genetic mutations to become the human beings we are today. The Australian Aborigines believe in the distant past when Gods walked the earth they created humans, Hindus talk of the Rig Veda where a cosmic man was sacrificed to create humans, Christianity and Judaism believe God made humans on the sixth day of creation, Muslims similarly believe in Adam and Hawa (Eve), and multiple other civilizations such as the Mayans had their own beliefs. With several theories to explain how we came to exist, we can’t confidently prove any of them to be true. However, what we can marvel at is the existence of this stunning earth and everything that it contains; from the mountains and oceans, to the seasons and weathers, to the plants, animals, and human beings.

We may have several ideas to explain how we got here, however I believe the more important question to reflect upon is why are we here? Through self-introspection I have realized the most essential reason for our existence is for us to grow and flourish. Throughout my past experiences I have noticed situations and people have entered my life that have facilitated my growth. Life has been good and challenging, but over time I have learned that the challenges have been an usher to push me beyond my safety zone. The trials are placed to allow us to expand, to leave behind the less evolved and embrace the innovation in us. Thus, if we approach life with such zeal, we notice that we are able to break our old habits and clasp a more progressive self. I don’t believe my purpose on this earth is to play the role of a doctor, a daughter, a wife, a sister, or a friend, albeit I enjoy playing these roles. Ultimately, my only purpose is to self-evolve, to continuously reflect, and improve upon the old me.

There are also several theories explaining what happens to us after we die. A simple Google search pulls up several renditions of life after death. However, all the theories lack evidence to prove they are valid. Thus, I believe as a society and as human beings we would be far more constructive if we focused on our time here. We should continue to play all the roles that we play in life however; we must remember eventually we are here to self-improve and grow to become the best version of ourselves. By focusing on our own internal evolution, we essentially make this world a better place for everyone else.

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