Succeed On Purpose What Is Perfection?

High achievers usually have a “perfectionist” personality, which, on the surface seems like a good thing, but can actually be detrimental to success. 

Someone who has a need to be perfect would also have a tendency to avoid the risk of making a mistake. They could resist pushing past comfort zones and thus avoid maximizing their potential. The perfectionist personality might also beat themselves up if something didn’t work out.

On the other hand, successful people understand that their success is due to the challenges they’ve overcome, as well as the mistakes they’ve learned from. They understand that “getting it right” is a process. Perfection is a quest for more, not a destination that somehow we just arrive at.

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A quest is a journey we choose to take, and the quest for perfection is simply the process of becoming more, every day, every week, every year.

Although that seems obvious, our linear mind struggles to embrace its simplicity and its truth. As a result, we see ourselves as imperfect rather than accepting the process that the quest for perfection offers.

Here are two truths about perfection:

  • Perfection isn’t about everything going the way you want it to, but rather being comfortable with the way things are, while we work on making them better.
  • Perfection isn’t about never making a mistake, but rather using mistakes to learn how to BE MORE. Our soul is hard-wired for more. It seeks perfection as a form of evolution. It seeks to become more and uses both challenges and opportunity as its guide. So rather than obsessing over “being perfect” or “experiencing perfection,” shift your focus to the process of becoming more. In every challenge, opportunity, lesson, and course correction, simply look at how you are becoming more.

Look at the perfection you are becoming. You are perfect just the way you are, until you decide you want more.

Life is perfect just the way it is, until you are ready for more. And that, too, is perfect.

What Next?

If you feel you’re lacking direction, a great place to start is discovering your purpose. Once you know what your soul was put on earth to do, you’ll have a sense of direction for your journey to more.

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