Image Source: Binti malu/ pexels
Image Source: binti malu/ pexels

Purposeful thinking is strong, certain and resourceful. Having a purposeful mind is being conscious of your thoughts and readdressing your mind to think resolute positive thoughts. But for most of us it is hard to practice optimism on a regular basis.

Focus on What You Want

Perceive your thoughts. Rather than focusing on all the amazing things and goals; people want to achieve in their lives, they give all their energy and consideration to what they don’t want. Consequently, they make more of what they focus on – negative results.  To develop a positive mindset, it is necessary to communicate with your mind and to reskill it in a way that you can only focus on what exactly you want to achieve in your life.

Benefits of Purposeful Positivity-

Better Health and Well-Being

Path to self- improvement requires tremendous efforts. When you opt for purposeful positivity, your mind is automatically directed towards positive affirmations, clean eating, self -love and restored health, which results into being more productive and eventually a lot happier.

Unwavering Self-Love and Assurance

You cannot live a positive and a happy life with a negative mind. Self-love and confidence are result of a high vibration energy that comes from purposeful positivity which eventually leads to manifestation of love, pleasure and abundance in all areas of your life.  

Valuable Relationships

According to Law of Attraction, the higher vibration of positive thinking results into attracting more positive people into your life as your self – worth is not dependent on others opinion any more. Relationships become an elated leeway of the positive vigor inside you. When you love yourself, you also share that love with all the people around you.  

Enhanced Inspiration and Perception

You cannot entice and attract positive thoughts, assets, wealth, money and people when your energy is jammed by negative thinking patterns. Purposeful positivity paves the way for more opportunities and more people; people that resound with positive vibrations.

Few Ways of Fostering the Habit of Being Purposefully Positive

Track Your Energy

Constantly, determinedly and non-judgmentally reskilling one’s mind to positive thinking; progresses into positive thought patterns and eventually into positive purposeful activities. Just try to stop that negative thought flow and proactively redirect your mind to create purposeful positive thoughts. The point here is to create your surroundings in favour of your newly adopted habit. Few suggestions to achieve the desired results are-

Use positive self-talk and positive affirmations to create your reality. Have reminders all around you. Fill your work space with positive quotes and images.

Hang out with people with similar mindset and ask others to support you.

Join a supportive community online or read blogs and books that inspire you to continue with your habit.

Express Gratitude

Write about your positive experiences or three things you are grateful for; every day. Considering positive moments in your day-to-day life is a reliable method to improve positivity.


Meditation is beneficial for both body and mind. It not only helps in mindfulness but also reduces the illness rate. Start small, even two minutes in a day is enough. You can gradually increase the time period of your meditation sittings and create a proper plan to gain maximum benefit.

Witness your thoughts and mind. Nevertheless, do not categorize yourself with your thoughts.  Always remember, that you are not your thoughts but the awareness behind your thoughts. Be purposefully positive.