Anyone who knows me, knows that I love love. To me, feeling the emotion of pure unconditional love is THE ultimate experience we can have in this life. It seems there are an infinite number of ways that love has been explained, analyzed and described in our world, which correlates impeccably to the infiniteness of love itself.

There are no boundaries to the depth that love is felt. There are no limits to the power of love to transform. Love cannot be controlled, tamed or bottled, and yet it is so elemental to our existence.

Everyone on this entire planet desires to feel love. It is a universal human desire that connects us all. So why all the drama? Why do we spend so much of our energy trying to feel love? From my experience working with clients, the disconnect arises in the general societal conception of what true love is. We are taught and conditioned to think that love is something outside of us, given to us by someone else, and that unless we get it from others, we don’t have it. In so many areas of our life, we are conditioned that love is external, when the truth is…love is within us.

Love is a Vibration.

The thing that most people miss is the realization that at the very core of our essence is the vibration of love. We literally ARE love energy. As a successful Law of Attraction coach, I think and work in terms of vibration. It has become organic to understand situations and events in vibrational terms.

Even those three powerful words: I love you, can be incredibly misleading. This statement is acknowledging that love is an action, when in fact it is a state of being, which many times results in action. What saying “I love you” vibrationally means is: “I am connected to my true essence, which is the vibration of love, and in this moment I am placing my focus on you.”

When you are the receiver of “I love you,” it means the other person is feeling and maintaining a connection to their own core vibration of love, and because that connection is so strong and you are in that moment the object of their attention, the vibrational version of you is being pulled up to where they are. This is the act of loving another.

Do you see how it is not the other person that is responsible for how much you feel loved? The only way for you to experience the emotion of love is for the vibration of love to be activated within your own being. Someone cannot give you love. It is always and forever within you, and you simply allow yourself to feel it. The depth and intensity of which you feel loved is entirely related to your own state of being and how much you are allowing.

When you fully realize through awareness and life experience, that the feeling you so eagerly desire, is within you…you become free.

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