Have you heard of the word resistance?
What about the phrase, what you resist persists?

Resistance is a natural way of coping with certain situations in life. It’s an inner dynamic of pushing forward or pulling back from thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs that challenge us. We resist what we see as wrong, hurtful, unfavorable, or painful in some way.

This fight is sometimes conscious and other times totally unconscious to us.  We keep repeating patterns or resistance until they hold a strong enough emotional charge that gets our attention.  We “fight” what goes against our beliefs, traditions, desires, plans, and perception by others.

We resist in many ways. Sometimes we fight. Other times, we are stubborn – refusing to see, hear, acknowledge or accept whatever presents itself in front of us. In those situations, we avoid, deny, and find a myriad of other storylines and justifications in order to not deal with the situation at hand.

Resistance is a feeling – typically uncomfortable. 

In this and other upcoming blog posts, I will to dive deeper into this topic with you.  You will learn the details behind and definition of resistance, what resistance looks in our life, the price we pay when resistance persists, and how we can move through it with more ease.

Let’s go a little deeper first…

Resistance is a response to situations, changes, and shifts that counter our beliefs, plans, and perceptions. This response is a natural process that ranges in intensity of uncomfortable. It shows up as a push towards or a pull back from something that is presented to us.

Resistance is a feeling that comes when we are faced with thoughts and ideas that we are unable and/or unwilling to grasp.

Resistance is a gift. It shows up at the right time and in the right moment. It challenges our sense of stability and identity. It presents us with a choice – to move through it or, let stay stuck within it.

Resistance can be quite painful when we refuse to allow, to adjust, to revise, to accept, to apologize, to bend, or to shift our ways.

Resistance subsides only when we surrender. We surrender by calming our emotions, eliminating the fear narrative, and reducing the mental chatter and drama on the scene. When we release restrictive thoughts and heavy emotions around the situation, we are able to move through with more ease.

It’s naive to think that we can control or fully eliminate this dynamic.  Many times, we don’t even see or notice this playing out in our lives till we are waist deep in a painful situation.  We aim for control did not work.

Verifiably, control is a myth. We do not control what life brings our way.  Our best approach is to manage the inside (not the outside) with an awareness of evolutionary patterns and dynamics that can limit our capacity to be true to ourselves.  In fact, our priority must be empowerment, consciousness, and evolution.

We are on an evolutionary path. Evolution comes as we move through to face challenges – rather than becoming stuck in them.   We are choosing the fight when we resist in any way.  In the end and beyond our conscious awareness, the plan is always guiding us to become the next best version of ourselves.

Resistance is something we all need to welcome.

Resistance is part of our human response to changes within the evolutionary process. It precedes any and all transitions, endings, and re-directions in our life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving every day.

Through challenges, we up-level ourselves – we are destroyed only to be reborn again to revisit our mindset, our emotions, our perspectives, our actions, and more.

Evolution comes with every decision, relationship, and synchronicity in our life. Evolution brings changes to the plan – as acceleration, unforeseen stops, or 180 degree (sometimes 360 degree) turns.

Our best option is awareness, understanding, and acceptance. In this way, we can anticipate, recognize, and appreciate the process that precedes new in our life.

I hope you enjoyed this insight today.  Stay tuned for future writings on this topic.

Much Love,

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