sleep debt

Sleep debt refers to continuously losing sleep or not sleeping properly for a long period of time. It happens generally when you wish to stay up for an extra few hours to get job done or get up early for the same reasons. The one term which frequently comes into mind with ‘sleep debt’ is ‘insomnia’.

In a single word anything that disturbs your ability to get between 6 and 10 hours of sleep each night adds to your sleep debt and the more it increases the more it will be bad for you.

The need of sleep defers persons to persons according to many factors. The main factors that play a vital role into how much sleep a person needs include age, if the person is sick or impacted by chronic pain, amount and frequency of exercise, and if they are pregnant or not.

There are certain things that disturb our sleeping are live excessive use of mobile, television and computers. This habit can damage your selling and sleeping quality and quantity drastically. It can even more harmful if you look at your computer screen or mobile in a dark room specially before going to sleep.

Now come to the point how to determine the sleeping time you need to avoid sleep Debt:

If you follow the process then you will definitely come to know the proper sleeping time you need to be healthy and active throughout the day:

1st Step:  To calculate the amount of sleep you are getting is simple. Just calculate the time gap between when you go to sleep and when you get up in the morning.

2nd step: For next 2 to 5 nights go to bed about 20-30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Keep this doing until you get a good amount of sleep at least seven hours a day.

3rd Step: Once you do the second step and still found that you are not felling all right and find that you are tired pr it’s hard to wake up when your alarm goes off then you should start sleeping about 45 to 1 hour earlier than normal sleeping time.  

4th Step: Try to continue this process until you gets the solution. Your body will tell you the perfect time of sleep you need.

Once you come to know the perfect time you need to sleep everyday then there will be no terms like ‘sleep debt’.