What is Sound Healing and tuning forks? –

The application of sound healing vibration to acupuncture points has been proven to be a highly effective treatment. It takes many forms from electro stimulation of points with a specific frequency, to ultra sound, sonopuncture, and the application of specific tuning forks to acupuncture points. The intentional use of sound vibration in the practice of acupuncture provides access to the body’s physical and subtle energy system to promote balance and inner harmony.

Acutonics, co-developed by Donna Carey, L.Ac, is one of the most widely used forms of sound vibration. It continues to be co-developed by one of my mentors, MichelAngelo (advisor, Astrological Medicine and Musical Studies, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC (Acutonics)).

Sound therapy also draws on depth psychology, ancient wisdom traditions, contemporary science, and music theory. It has been integrated into many modalities, including Acupuncture, and is great for the needle-phobic as it is non-invasive.

The study of planets, planetary correspondences, and planetary influences has affected our emotional and psycho-spiritual make-up throughout history, dating back more than 6,000 years to ancient Sumer. Planetary study was also evident in China, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Islamic World, and the Indus Valley. Through the planets we gain a deep understanding of rich archetypal maps and powerful myths that provide a window into the collective psyche. They also provide us with a symbolic language that reflects how humanity defined its unique position in the universe during the earliest cycles of history. There was no separation. The universe without was the universe within, heaven, Earth, and humanity were inextricably linked. Our ancestors knew by instinct that what happened in the skies above was related to life on Earth, and that if we understood the heavens, we could gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. In contemporary times many people have lost sight of the recognition that the planets, stars, Sun, and Moon, don’t just impact the Earth, but they impact each one of us, and what happens to our Earth can’t help but be reflected in us.

The Music of the Spheres or the Heavenly harmonies, the sounds of the planets as they travel around the sun, provides a musical link to the archetypal richness of the planets and reconnects to this rich legacy of correspondence. This link, which is represented in number and tone, provides a resonance that reaches deep within us. Pythagoras understood that sound was the generator of the universe, and that all is number. He created a systematic study of mathematics and harmony, which unites the laws of outer space and inner space. But this idea of sound as a generator of the universe, Campbell points out, is fundamental to the Vedas, the Hindus, and the Chinese. Tung Chung-Shu, a later Confucian scholar, writing in the second century BC, spoke of man’s vital spirit being expressed in the tremors of heaven and earth and that in the universe there is no hazard just spontaneity and harmony answering in accord to the same note.

In both the Western tradition and the ancient texts from China we see the relationship between mind and body, that the body is a microcosm, in a dynamic relationship with the natural world. The Inner Cannon of the Yellow Emporor references the dynamic relationship between the vital rhythms of the human body being in accord with the heavens and the earth. We are given life from the qi of heaven and earth, and proper balance is maintained through shared vital rhythms.

These are just a few examples of how the planets, the heavenly harmonies, and Earth, so often defined in mythological and archetypal terms, also relate to the practice of Oriental medicine. These rich, textural concepts helped us to make sense of creation itself, and to shape our perception and understanding of Oriental medicine, human physiology, the psyche, science, and medicine. This modality helps us to cultivate the Tao, our original spirit, and to learn how to access heaven, how to create harmony with the difference levels of energy in our Universe, and how to become aware of the vastness and power of the forces that influence us both on the physical and non-physical plains of existence.

Within the tuning forks, there is Earth/Moon/Sun vibrations, Planetary vibrations, among others in middle, low, and high frequencies that are used on or above the body. The example of the Earth vibration (C#) is both balancing and grounding, whereas the Mars vibration (D) stimulates, and builds Qi and Blood.

AcuCare Founder Julie Shillabeer, R.Ac in Questa, New Mexico, assisting with Facial Soundscapes modules, being one with the Gongs!

Click here for an amazing Video demonstration by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M., Co-creator of the Soundscapes training modules and treatment protocols, of a basic balancing facial using Mars/Venus tuning forks:

This unique modality, based upon the principles of Chinese medicine, addresses certain areas of the face which are difficult to treat with needles, like the neck, chin and jowls. Tuning forks can “lift” the pterygoids, masseter and platysma muscles by means of select vibrating intervals. For instance, the interval of a second disperses, a third sedates, and a fifth tonifies. These vibrating forks are applied gently to the face, and are relaxing and pleasantly tingly.

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