Working with many individuals during this challenging time is/has been interesting.
We all have skills and assets but how we use them will determine where we go.
We can’t let parents, spouse, partners, friends determine our future.
We need to figure out what makes us happy on our own.
It took me many years and now I see why things worked and things have not worked.
So many times another person in our life will blame us.
“Why did you spill the cup of coffee ? “
Because someone bumped into me!!” Wrong answer. Whatever was inside the cup would have spilled out. When life comes along and shakes us up, its a time to figure things out.
We can answer, “Joy, Gratitude, Peace,Health or Anger, Bitterness,Negative reactions”
Life provides us the cup and we chose how to fill it. You are the CEO of your life.
Hire, fire and promote accordingly.
Don’t let others make you feel insecure, gaslight you , constantly criticize, my suggestion is to walk away or react differently.
Trust me, I know its not easy but it is what will change your life.
I can’t promise a job, relationship, financial success but I can promise it will lead you in the right direction. Lets learn to gain confidence and go after our goals.