What is Stress to Entrepreneurs and ways to cope with it

The day I decided to quit my job and step into the pool of entrepreneurship. It was an easy decision but leaving it all behind was not. While I was booking my limousine service in Toronto, my mind was almost blank – I couldn’t think of a single reason in favor of this decision. The choice was mine, I have been waiting for this day from graduation day. Despite the determination, all of a sudden, anxiety took over my mind and I was questioning self-worth. I never did it before even during the job term.

The journey of Entrepreneurship is the hard decision, you will doubt yourself, the budget will scare you, the existence of required skills will haunt you – moreover, the fear of unknown & failure will always accompany you. The stress is inevitable and you can’t avoid it.

Up till now, there is no cure of it and the only way to come out of it is to face it. Every business owner or entrepreneur has to go through it, especially in the beginning. Stress is not something to be proud of and you should never get comfortable with pain. It is painful yet addictive. Here are my two cents on what I have learned so far from my entrepreneurial journey.

Stress and Shortcomings of Entrepreneurs

Dreaming is one thing but taking it to the next level and turning it into a reality is another. It will demand constant learning and you will sleep deprive yourself at many times. Let me break it to you that work-life balance is just a myth. It is all over in the books and authors will tell you a different way to balance your life – but it is not possible in any way. Your journey will demand full-time attention, focus, and health for great achievements. You might have to give up your social life or limit family gatherings and focus entirely on the business.

I know it sounds demanding but this is the road less traveled but people who have taken the journey with consistency are the ones making history. I have hardly spoken to any entrepreneur also claims to be happy all the time. They are stressed, coping with timelines and achieving milestones.

How to Cope with Stress?

The moment you meet someone who is leading towards the journey of entrepreneurship, you will realize that most of them hate small talk. It is one way of them to avoid unnecessary conflicts. However, I am no expert but people are and we can learn to cope with stress by looking over their journey. No one has a complete life to waste on test and trials, we all need guidance and other perspectives to learn and grow better.

· Manage your Sleep and Daily Exercise

Sleep deprive is one problem that will hit your mind really hard. All you have to do is to make time to sleep well. Deep sleep is possible after daily exercise. If your body is physically tired, it will sleep soundly and relax the mind.

“The simple things such as sleep, exercise, a healthy diet and time management are the best way to deal with these daily stressors.” Liran Hirschkorn, President of BestLifeQuote.com

So, the best way to cope with the stress is to exercise daily or at least 2-3 days per week as Hirschkorn does. Your exercise can be limited to a simple walk or run.

·Realistic Expectations

Many young individuals are craving for results, they just want to walk through the carpet of fame immediately. In one of the interviews of Simon Sinek, he stated that millennials are not happy despite the calm environment and bean bags or relaxing surrounding. He breaks down it into four reasons – parenting, technology, impatience, and environment.

So, when these talented individuals jump into the challenge, they lost their charm. They fail to practice patience and wait for the right time for the right results. Apparently, it is not entirely your fault to feel this way.

Another author of this millennia and the best seller says in his book:

“It has become an accepted part of our culture today to believe that we are all destined to do something truly extraordinary. Celebrities say it. Business tycoons say it. Politicians say it. Even Oprah says it (so it must be true). Each and every one of us can be extraordinary. We all deserve greatness. The fact that this statement is inherently contradictory—after all, if everyone were extraordinary, then by definition no one would be extraordinary—is missed by most people. And instead of questioning what we actually deserve or don’t deserve, we eat the message up and ask for more.”

Mark Manson (Excerpt from the book – The subtle art of not giving F*ck)

The statement shows the value of being realistic and expect only that is truly deserving. Otherwise, you will be depressed and stressed for no apparent reason.

·Find the Right group of People

Remember that skills can be taught anytime and it is always valued by the learners. One thing that you need in your business is the right attitude. Make sure that people you’re hiring keep the learning attitude and they will not work for money – instead they will thrive for sweat and tears. Introduce them to the broader picture and give them a space to work for you.  

· To-Do-List

This one tip is not only for small business owners but it works for everyone. Make this list on a daily basis, write down your tasks and schedule them according to the day.

One thing that I had to face during my time period was payment relevant reminders. If you don’t have enough profit to pay, just ask for a favor from a close friend. Request them to do these reminders for you and manage your payments on a daily basis. One thing will be out of your plate. This is one way to catch up on your day. Yes, there is a matter of trust but you got to take some risks to achieve the goal.

The last thing you can do to yourself is to laugh. Indulge yourself in the activities that make you happy or burst you into laughter.