What is success

We all have our own definitions of success and what it means to us. Some may say, “I know I’ll be successful when I get that super car,” or, “I know I’ll be successful when I can have that house or live here.”

And there are some that may not be as materialistic. They might say, “I know I’ll be successful when I have a happy family, when I have four kids and they’re all going to college, or when I have married the one.”

You see, whatever it is, we all have our own preconceived idea of what success is to us. I want you to step away from your idea of success. I want you to consider something just for the rest of this video. Completely separate yourself from your ideal. When you have truly separated yourself from your ideal, you find that success is happiness. Success is a smile. Success is dancing to the music that is your life.

Now, this is only one-third of the puzzle of success. If you were to just know that part of the equation, then you might go along thinking that success might bring you happiness. This is incorrect, because you see, happiness is what brings us success. You may say, “Well, sir, if success if happiness, then how can happiness bring about success?”

Like I said, knowing that success is happiness is only one-third of the equation. Knowing that happiness brings success is the 2nd part of the equation. So if we know that success is happiness, and happiness brings success, then we must find what happiness stems from and that, my friends, is gratitude.

You see, gratitude is really what we are all seeking. We just replace it with a vision. You aren’t seeking the nice car or the big house. You seek the feeling that you think that item will bring you. And if you deeply think about it, that feeling is gratitude. So in this ideal, everyone has the capability to be successful, and at the snap of a finger. All we would have to do is be grateful, which is so simple it can be done right now by simply listing off five things that you are grateful for in your life today.

You see, you don’t need a shiny belt buckle or a something outside of yourself to be grateful. You already have enough. You are already rich. You are just spoiled rich because you are so accustomed to the amazing things that you already have.

If I can leave you with one thing to take away from this, it would be remember that there is always someone that is “doing better than you are”. Whether it be in finances, relationships, health, but also remember that there is always someone doing worse than you, living a harder life than you, and struggling just to get by. Your life is someone else’s dream. Don’t let it go to waste.