An essay is an independent written work, in particular a detailed and reasoned text, which is devoted to the consideration of any problem.

The main feature of this genre is the free form. The individual impressions and subjective opinions of the writer on a certain theme are especially important here, it is important to use vivid examples (including from personal experience), literary elements, as well as strong arguments. According to scientists, this paper does not claim a full interpretation of the subject. Nevertheless, an essay, like any scientific text, must be structured, logical, and conclusive.

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Variety of Essay Types

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  • Descriptive essay. It provides a description of the situation, event, etc., in order to form it vivid image;
  • Causal essay. This paper implements the analysis of a particular situation or event, determines the causes and results of the studied processes;
  • Essay-definition. Here is the disclosure of the main characteristics of a particular process, situation, or phenomenon;
  • Comparative essay. In this type of essay, it is customary to distinguish similarities and differences between events, ideas, etc.;
  • An illustrative essay presents a number of examples to argue own opinion about a particular phenomenon, event, situation, etc.;
  • Argumentation essay. In this paper, it is important to represent a reasonable opinion on the research problem. A comprehensive analysis of information from various sources is carried out;
  • Role essay. It is appropriate here to present a certain event or situation on behalf of a particular person;
  • Narrative essay. This essay includes a description of personal opinion on a particular problem.

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