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I started Simply B after a great number of years of studying, watching others do exactly what it was I wanted to do but I was hesitant to step forward to do. Through my own personal development journey I learnt that knowing what you stand for and where you stand at any given time, this can of course change but recognising these fundamental elements brings you a level of confidence and clarity, and with it unlimited patience and energy to take the action require to align with these internal beliefs. I used this energy recently to completely transform my life from top to toe, of which I am still transitioning into.

I have been fortunate to have met many diverse individuals who helped guide me to grow closer to my true self and feel my calling, which I for a long time thought I might never discover. Starting my own practice, is my way to pay forward the good fortune these people gifted me, to those who are looking to make changes in their own lives. Simply B provides a place of compassion and empathy to whoever is ready and willing to make the changes they wish to see in their own lives. To offer guidance, tools and belief in them and their ability to make any change that they see fit to improve.

Dubai has been my own home for 16 years and my recent transition back to my home of Southampton, is a testament to my own journey of acceptance, growth and rebirth. And feels like the natural place for me to formalise my practice and finally create my opportunity to extend a hand into my own community. Surprisingly Dubai is a pot of full to the brim of professionals from across the world bringing with them beliefs and practices shaped by the landscape of their offering Dubai residents the unique opportunity to learn and grow with such international influences, that are still in their infancy in Southampton.

Simply B offers a space for individuals and groups who are seeking to grow and develop themselves, who wish to feel more fulfilled and discover their true desires and paths. I can’t promise that it will be easy a process, diving deep inside ourselves often doesn’t come naturally, we are constantly distracted with the day to day demands of working, family and community. It will however be journey of truth, you are the guide of your development, I promise you will discovery parts of yourself that you have forgotten and that you will bring you a warm sense of home, that you recognise so distinctively that there’s no doubt that its truly you.

Simply B is dedicated to building a community of like minded, self driven individuals, who understand that only they can change their perceptions, circumstances and future. Offering group and one on one sessions with the tools of Reiki, meditation and neuro-linguistic programming who collectively support and guide you through your personal journey, offering a space free from judgement and constraint, to liberate the mind and bring the sense of possibility to our desires and goals. To Simply B whatever it is you chose.