Do you ever run on a treadmill? On the days I run on a treadmill I’m being pushed by my trainer to see what my “max” is. It’s a little intense I’ll admit. There are moments when I feel like my legs can’t move any faster, and other moments when I’m so tired, but if I just lower the speed I can keep up until the sprint time is up. I can do almost anything for 30 seconds! Then there are times when we do “endurance” days where I feel like no matter what speed I’m running, I need to jump the rails for a second and take a breather.

As an entrepreneur, I felt like I didn’t have the luxury of “jumping the rails” with my business. I was the one providing services. I was the one doing the marketing, client acquisition, follow up, and even the cleaning. I had a lease and debt. I couldn’t just slow down or stop.

As a consequence I become stuck and passionless. I had been stuck before and was able to get my mojo back in the past, but after doing that about 4 times over 4 years I had run out of ways to adapt. I was REALLY stuck. So stuck I sold my business. That, however, didn’t do much to alleviate the mental and physical toll my business had taken on me. I had crawled into a corner, and sometimes when you are so deep in the corner, you need someone else to tap you on the shoulder to show you which way is the exit. When you get that stuck and burned out, your life literally depends on it.

What is your hard work and dedication costing you? Working off of “fumes” has a high price to pay. Depression is real, people. It’s one of the hardest places to be ESPECIALLY as an entrepreneur. Heart attacks are physically devastating, and are really expensive, like for the rest of your life. There is a guy who goes to my gym and some days I look at him and think, dude, please take a vacation! You can look at his face and see the exhaustion and just stuckness written all over it. Is your job, even if you’re the owner, worth your life??

With what is now my coaching “process” I got out of the corner and my physical health and emotional outlook are back and I want to share it with everyone! Why?

1) because it works and its easy.

2) because that is what I do. I help people be healthy and passionate about life.

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