Have you ever wondered what is the main asset of your company? If your answer was: customers, you are correct!

The needs of your customers keep your business alive and growing. Therefore, your goal should go beyond winning new customers; You also need a strategy to attract and retain consumers.

What is the importance of customer service? Excellent customer service optimizes relationships with your consumers. How? Satisfied customers not only buy more, but they also recommend your car detailing Barrie service to other people.

We are in the age of experiences. Customers value much more than a product or service; they also want to feel good about buying it and afterward.

The so-called 4.0 consumer is well informed, has evolved in his buying habits and is not afraid of migrating to the competition if he considers that your attention is not what he deserves.

According to the report, “when customers feel ignored, must repeat the same things, or do not receive a quick response, your company loses the opportunity to create loyalty and is more likely to lose the customer.

To meet the expectations of this consumer, companies must understand as soon as possible what the importance of customer service is.

In this post we tell you what customer service is and what is its importance. We also give you practical advice to improve your customer experience.

What is customer service?

Customer service is precisely the service you provide to your customers before, during and after making a sale. Today, companies are expected to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and through all channels. As we said, users have no problem choosing other companies, if they are always available. So, if you have not thought about optimizing your customer service system yet, maybe it’s time to adopt some trends.

According to a survey by American Express, 70% of consumers say they spend more money shopping at a business that offers good service. But does your company know what good service is?

Offering excellent customer service responds to 4 key aspects:

Empathy: kind and empathetic agents.

Transparency: clear and transparent institutional policies.

Offer human attention: do not limit your attention to virtual agents.

Personalization: show that you know your customer and customize the service you offer

What is the importance of customer service?

Good customer service translates into brand perception and credibility. The more present you are in the lives of your customers – in a positive way – the more your community of fans and loyal consumers will grow.

Today, brands dialogue with users, create close relationships and use feedback to improve, evolve and even get inspired to create new products and services.

Ineffective customer service generates the opposite effect and often harmful to business.

Therefore, remember the importance of good customer service and work to offer personalized and authentic experiences that reflect the spirit of your consumer.