According to Wikipedia, the future is what will happen in the time after the present.

A future cover can be described as the measurement of the rate achieved so far on the goals set. As a living being, we all have goals we want to achieve. We all pursuit something in life. We either want this or that to be successful. Therefore, there are steps to take to actualize your goals.

The future cover is the ability of an individual to analyze the steps or actions he has taken so far to achieve his goals or objectives. We do set goals but the actualization of such goals that require actions is the missing link.

Mathematically, I will define Future Cover as the actions or steps taken over the goals/objectives set over a particular period of time (Actions Taken/Goals). The future cover can also be called the number of sub-goals achieved over the total set goals over a period of time. In this mathematical expression, just assume your goals to be 100.

However, the number of actions taken will be used to divide the goals and get the percentage of your goals you have achieved so far. When the actions are taken is divided by the goals the result will tell you how well you have done. The best result you can get is 1 which is rarely possible. Getting a 1 means you achieved all your set goals without leaving anything behind.

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Though the steps you take or sacrifices you make to achieve your goals are unquantifiable, however, you can still apply this theorem to quantify your future cover. For any goal to be achievable, there are courses that will lead to its actualization. There are three stages to make that dream turns into a reality. It goes this way Planning – Actions – Evaluation.

The first step which is planning requires you to draw patterns on how your goals can be achieved. You think of different models and manners you will take or the path you will take to achieve your goals. At this stage, to make it easier, divide your actions into segments.

For example, if you want to read 100 pages of a book within 5 days, you divide the 100 by 5, therefore, you must read at least 20 pages every day. Anything short of it would amount to a failure to achieve such goal. Also, if you want to raise a sum of N60,000 at the end of the year, therefore, you must be saving a sum of N12,000 every month.

With the above illustrations, you have segments for every goal. Thereafter, you work on the second stage which is actions. At this stage, it requires determination, dedication, sacrifices and perseverance. At this stage, you will face challenges that would want to draw you back. Obstacles that will tell you to stop climbing the top ladder of your future. At this stage, your future cover will be decided because distractions will surface to draw you back.

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Moreover, after a series of actions you have taken, the particular time you set for your goal should be assessed. It is time for evaluation, review your actions so far against the plans you set. This review tells you how high or low is your future cover. A future cover with a 0.7 or 0.8 is wonderful out of 1. Evaluating your actions against the set goals opens your eye to the untouched aspects. It makes you stronger to correct the mistakes of the past. Therefore, ask yourself today, what is your future cover? You could also call it a goal cover, it goes as well.

Moreover, leaving the theorem and focusing how you can achieve your goals? Nobody is a perfect being. We are all striving to be a better person. Your individual actions might not bring the actual results you want. There are other factors that could help the dream to be realizable. Some of the factors are friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues, wife, husband and many others but let it be positive factors.

If you have not been reviewing your actions against your goals, it is high time you started now. It is high time you started to evaluate your future cover. Stop staring at your goals, by doing so, the goals will create a false appearance and turn to demons.

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Take the necessary steps to achieve your set goals. Nothing comes easier, you will face challenges but don’t give up. We all have the inner strength to achieve our goals. Take actions today. See pains as your friend. Pain is your temporary friend with a temporary time to live with you.

Nothing comes cheaply. You need to pass through some pains we described as challenges or obstacles. The road to success is neither smooth nor straight. To pass an exam, you go through pains of reading. For your business to be successful you must go through some pains. To achieve anything in life you pass through some pains.

Whoever fails to endure the pain at the temporary moment will definitely have pains as a permanent friend. Learn to accommodate pain as your temporary friend. When you endure the pains today you enjoy the rewards tomorrow.

You might not have all the luxury elements. You might not have all the resources. The fact is that you are enough to achieve your goals in life. You are enough to be that successful identity you want to be in life.

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Sometimes how much you live is more important than how much you earn. Earning much doesn’t translate to happiness. Money without happiness brings no peace of mind. Always do the things that you like the most. It may not give you more money but definitely, it will give you more happiness to live life at its best.

Happiness is the experience of loving life. Being happy is being in love with that momentary experience. Stay on that lane that makes you happy. Forcing yourself into other people’s lane who get you frustrated. We all have different lanes we run on to achieve our goals. Whatsoever you do and brings no happiness. Sit down, access it and take a new decision.

No matter how heavy the rain is, you will still find some people in striving to complete some tasks. No matter how the sun is unbearable to the skin, you will find some people under it striving to achieve their daily goals.

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Therefore, no matter the challenges you are facing, keep striving to achieve your goals. Rain and Sun have periods, same way challenges you are facing now are not permanent.

Therefore, don’t limit yourself. Don’t deny your desired dream to be a reality by complaining of insufficient luxury or resources.

Stop blaming others.

Avoid distractions.

You are almost there, keep pushing.

Take actions.

You are enough.

You have abundant resources in yourself to succeed.

The prime source of your happiness is YOURSELF.

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