From Lifestye Hacks to Politics

we want our news and self-help quick and in a hurry. 


Somethings we can’t rush- or hurry along; And that includes your personal health and well-being.

The Process is a process!

What you value and make time for will grow in quality and value.

1. Decide what time of day works best.

2. Make the time to – THINK and PLAN your success strategies.

3. Take a really DEEP breath.

I spent years working for CNN, putting the look together for talent; working at a fast past in the entertainment industry. I became a Mom, and my priorities changed.

I understand this is a choice.

I have watched the industry

evolve, even when WE aren’t ready.

I have watched and experienced my own suffering. How do we make it just a tad bit easier in a busy world.

My contribution…

Choose an App that speaks to you. ?

Areas to address…

*Support and alternative care for cancer patients, and care givers.

*Breathe- Stress Management Tips

e3 Tech & Engineering- Youth Development and Enrichment.

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