It has never been more acute, permanent and multi-factorial throughout the history of mankind.

Nowadays, stimulations are too many and too intense. Our body and psyche are overwhelmed by:

-Rhythm of life and increasing work hours.
-Inter-individual competition.
-Denatured environment (concrete, noise, artificial lighting, pollution, traffic…).
-Excess of mental and cognitive stimulation (media, smart phone, social networks, Internet).
-Excessive sports practices and competitions…

As a result, most people are stressed, anxious and chronically tired. They are unable to adapt themselves anymore to the environment.

Effects of stress:

Stress can have many forms:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Chemical
  • Infectious
  • Electromagnetic…

All these stresses raise the levels of certain hormones and many inflammatory substances. An overload amplifies our emotions, alters the physiology of our organs, disrupts our biological integrity and upsets our physiological equilibrium and make us sick.

A few simple stress releasing technics:

Once you are aware of these different sources of stress, it’ a lot easier to prevent them or to release them daily to avoid being overloaded.

  • Reduce the mood influencing stress factors: media, television, computer games. Negative, violent, miserable images, actions, language and sounds are a form of negative conditioning. They produce stress, anxiety, and actually affect our physical health. The opposite though, has very positive effects.
  • Reduce toxin intake, obviously tobacco, alcohol especially. They might seem to provide temporary relief but they are working against the balance of the body and contributing to importantly stress your system.
  • Listen to yourself, to take greater care of you and to make choices that will lead to a satisfying and healthy life.
  • Let go of the secondary stress. The stress we create by reacting to stress…

David Tan, Osteopath DO-Physiotherapist Bsc, LifeForce Founder

After 20 years in health care, perfecting the Art of Healing and exploring stress management, life optimization and self-improvement tools, David has founded Life Forces. A company specialized in burn out prevention, chronic stress release and optimal body and mind living. Our mission is to bring people back in touch with their optimal mind and body health. We have developed innovative and unique training programs for participants to integrate life changing tools to self manage their stress and regenerate themselves, find back their inner power and bring home these tools to enjoy a continuous regenerative routine. We teach and share how to sustain a strong and healthy life foundation so that people can pursue their life dreams and life projects.

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