Toxic Positivity is the pursuit of trying to find a silver lining in every difficult situation and not acknowledging someone who is simply looking for a shoulder to cry on, to be heard and get support. Not every unfortunate occurrence has to have a positive spin to it. Life can deal unfavorable cards and ups and downs are part of the package. Here are ways to accept and allow life’s grievances, let them be, get support and move on.   

Instead of: It’s fine. You’ll get over it
Try this: I am sorry you feel that way. I understand and am here for you

Instead of: You’re so much better off than others
Try this: Your feelings are 100% valid

Instead of: I only allow good vibes
Try This: We are human beings and all emotions are welcomed

Instead of: Failure does not exist in my dictionary 
Try This: Failure is a great way to learn and grow

Instead of: Hustle, Hustle, Hustle. There is no time for rest
Try This: A balanced life is a sustainable one

Instead of: But look at the bright side
Try This: I am sorry you’re going through that. That’s so frustrating and I hear you.

Instead of: I grind non-stop and have no time for sleep
Try This: I make time for sleep and practice self-care

Instead of: I am ok. It doesn’t bother me
Try this: I feel bad and it is ok to feel this way

Some days are better than others. On the days that need more solace, it is always a good idea to be mindful of
the circumstance and be authentic. Providing a shoulder to lean on and being supportive may be the only thing necessary.