“We all are called; everyone has a calling, the real job in life is to find out what it is and do it!”-Unknown.

Recently I found this small article in my Evernote notebook. I tried to locate the author, but I could not find it in my references, so I still do not know who wrote it.

It is about your calling in life:

“Every successful person speaks with passion about the joy of doing what they love to do. From volunteers helping people to chefs creating gourmet dishes to singers, performers, and visionary entrepreneurs, they all have a passion that lights up the world; people who have found their calling in life and do it with gusto!

This is what we all need: to live in the heart of our inner self! We have to make a living and support our families, but we also need to find what sparks our souls, so that we can illuminate those around us.

Each one of us has our platform, wherever you are, within your reach, however small, however large, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your classmates, your co-workers, whatever it is.

That is your platform, your circle of influence — that is where your power lies; every day, you are showing people exactly who you are, your life speaks for you!

When you do that, you receive in direct proportion to what you give.

Circumstances are different for each of us, but the power is the same! You can help somebody; you can forgive, you can listen, you can change somebody’s life!

Look around; maybe it is right there in your own home and circle. Still, everyone has power. Perhaps it is aligned with your profession, perhaps not, but everyone has a special calling, a unique talent. It won’t necessarily be something that makes you famous; don’t confuse service with popularity.

Don’t waste time; carry your passion forward! Embrace the life that is calling you and use that light to serve the world. Giving is one of the most important things that you can do.”

It spoke to my heart, as for the last 23 years, I have poured my heart and soul into two projects of mine: a charity foundation and a summer camp for kids and teens.

I feel so lucky to have the privilege to wake up each morning, knowing that I am doing what I love and the good influence that my work has on others – the children and families that our projects serve.

I make a very decent income with the business project of summer camps, but I could do it for free if needed, as I love the work, the process, and the results! Life doesn’t have to be great to be beautiful, and fulfilling your purpose on this earth makes life worth living.

What is yours? Are you doing it now? If so, I would love to hear about it. Or perhaps you are still looking for it? In either case, I do hope that you live to your potential and give to the world that unique experience that is called ”YOU.”

It starts, of course, at home, with our families and loved ones. But there is also a whole world waiting to see, hear, and receive all the love that you have to give.

Start living today!

Vitin Landivar/ www.habitsofsuccess.org

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