What inspires you? Pain can be good because it forces some people to make a change. Bad grades can make us realize that we need to study. Debts may lead someone into stepping outside the box and starting their own business. A painful childhood may cause the individual to aspire to be better so as not to be like the horrible parent. We are all moved by something, whether good or bad, what we hear, or see from those around us.

Let’s face it, life can be pretty challenging, so what keeps you on the right course? It is time to take it back to the basics, and discover the alphabets from a different perspective.

  1. Achievement. Make
    it a point to reach for success in everything that you do.
  1. Be. Just
    “Be”. Learn to take in every moment.
  1. Compromise.
    Understand that things may not always go
    as planned. Learn to Compromise.
  1. Do. Don’t
    “shoulda, coulda, woulda”, Just go ahead and do it!
  1. Effort
    and Excellence.
    Put excellence and effort in everything that
    you do.
  1. Future.
    Never lose sight of your future.
  1. Grow.
    See every opportunity as a chance to grow.
  1. Hope.
    Hope in something greater. Place your hope in God.
  1. Inspire.
    Look for ways you can inspire those trailing behind you.
  1. Jump.
    Sometimes the path ahead is bumpy. Know when to jump, but keep
  1. Keep
    . When life tosses a crazy one your way, and
    you fall. Keep moving!
  1. Live
    and love.
    It’s that simple.
  1. Money. Learn
    how to make it work for you, and not the other way around.
  1. No. Sometimes
    it is ok to say No, learn how and when.
  1. Opportunities. Be
    prepared to recognize opportunities when they present.
  1. Prepare.
    Be prepared just in case, you are called for an audition.
  1. Questions.
    Ask questions often!
  1. Rewind. Sometimes
    it is ok to hit rewind and RELAX!
    Aim for success in all you do!
  1. Teach.
    Teach those around you.
  1. U
    can do it
    . Learn the power of “U’!
  1. Vision. Every
    great leader has vision!
  1. Win. Aim
    to be a winner in everything!
  1. eXamine
    . Examine yourself with every opportunity.
  1. Young.
    Always remain young at heart!
  2. Zzzzz. Sleep
    it off at the end of the day.
    Then Dream Big and wake up and Do something!


  • Dr. Obianuju Helen Okoye

    Entrepreneur, Healthcare/Business Advisor, Doctor, Saving Lives one mind at a time

    Dr Obianuju Helen Okoye is an American Public Health Physician/Health Care Executive/Researcher/Entrepreneur with a Medical Degree (MD), an MBA in Healthcare Management, and a Masters in Epidemiology/Public Health. She has been featured on NBC News, Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, Tonic by VICE, She Knows, Massage Magazine, Carol Roth, among others. She is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur magazine and the Huffington Post. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and all things Africa. Dr Okoye started the blog community Important Goals, to empower people to live their best lives. She is the CEO/President of SK Global LLC, consulting on healthcare and business projects. ernational business opportunities and strategic innovations.