Have you ever asked yourself this question: How much am I worth? Or, to what level your life deserves to be valued or regarded? What is the meaning of one’s worth? Does it apply to just to your financial status or your qualities and values as well? Have you ever questioned your worth as a person?

Do you value your uniqueness? Do you often feel unworthy of love and the good things in life? Were you ever a victim of other people’s views about you, and have you allowed the self-limiting beliefs of your parents, friends, and people close to you, their picture of you, to become your own?

What makes you worthy:

Understand your uniqueness: Start by realizing that there is only one YOU in this world. And what is different in you, compared to others, is what makes you unique and special.

You are on this earth for a purpose, and your main task is to realize your full potential. Be grateful for who you are and what you have and embrace your wholeness with all the imperfections included.

Find your tribe: Find the people that will show you love and have a connection with you and your life. You can find it in your family, a group of friends, a sports team, a social club, a community where you feel loved and appreciated for who you are, and where you can contribute to other’s well-being as well.

Develop your philosophy of Life: Know what you believe- ethics, values, principles. It could be based on religion and faith or in a humanistic view of life. But whatever you choose, you must develop a set of guidelines for your conduct on this earth. To be all that you can be, you need to dream of being more.

Define your legacy: What will you leave behind when your time on earth is done? How will people remember you? What will your contribution be? Learn to master the art of fulfillment by contributing and giving back to society in any way you can.

Obstacles to our worth:

  • There are many ways in which you can sabotage your value as a human. If you develop the mindset of “I am a loser” and “I can’t”- it becomes your credo.
  • You also end up setting yourself to failure by too big or unrealistic goals. By becoming over-confident after a small win, and forgetting the long term process that real success requires of you.
  • Dreading to ask for help and thinking that you can do it alone is not always the best solution. As a result, you end up failing, as you still need others to succeed.
  • When you develop the habit of blaming others or circumstances, do not take responsibility for your own life and become too sensitive to criticism- therefore, you cannot grow, as people will be afraid to tell you the truth.
  • Becoming self-confident and arrogant after a few winnings will set you up for failure in the future as well.
    Also, failing to understand that failure is part of the process- you see defeat not as a challenge but as a reflection of your worth.

The size of your thoughts:

Think about it. The size of your thoughts determines the size of your accomplishments! The most significant human weakness is selling yourself short.

I hunged this picture in my kid’s bedroom that says: “Whatever you are thinking, think bigger.” Most of us are not taught to think big! When we are growing up, it is the opposite: There is no money to take that trip- money doesn’t grow on trees- it is too expensive- that is too difficult- you cannot do that- you don’t have a diploma, etc.

Train your mind to think of things not as they are, but as they have the potential to become. Think big! See yourself as the person you can be. What counts as more important is not what you have now, but what you are planning to have.

Someone told me once that if I shoot for the moon, I may reach a star. We are afraid of rejection, so we choose to please and conform, and by doing so, we lose the qualities that are unique to us and makes us special.

We have intelligence, we have gifts and talents, and we can grow and make progress if we choose to do so. All we need is a clear idea and a compelling vision of what we want our lives to be.

We create our conditions by the way we choose to think and the things we do or fail to do. In other words, we create our worth by what we believe about ourselves and the life we want to create.

Where to start?

The place to start in is you! Life will not pay you more of what you are worth in skills and in your will to work. Prepare yourself to take action on your dreams. If you want more from life, not only financially, but in love, respect, and admiration of t your fellow peers, you have to start by adding value to yourself, to people and situations.

Add value to your business, add value to your customers, add value to the people you work with. A human being that lives to add value and help others will never fail. A leader is a servant, always adding significant value to the people you serve.

Believe it can be done:

  • Eliminate the words “Impossible” and all its cousins out of your vocabulary: I can’t, I shouldn’t, it hasn’t been done before, is too difficult, I don’t know-how. Watch your TV ( Transformational Vocabulary).
  • The words you use are essential for your mental state. Words have the power to lift you up or bring you down. Be careful! Learn to use positive words that will empower you!
  • Set a higher standard continuously. Always ask yourself: How can I do better? How can I improve? What do I need to learn? What skills do I need to acquire to take my life to the next level?
  • Always remember that your capacity to receive is determined by how much you think you can. And remember, it doesn’t matter how high you go, always do more of what you are paid for.
  • If you think your life on this earth is meaningful if you believe you have what it takes, if you are willing to do whatever is necessary, you will, in time, become a first-class performer.

Practice Gratitude and Take Responsibility for your Life:

One of the most important starting points is this: start by being grateful for whatever life has given you and build from there. A grateful heart is a powerful tool that can change your life. Be thankful for what you have, and the universe will give you more.

You cannot change the weather, but you can change yourself. Success happens to those that take 100% responsibility for their lives. Usually, we don’t want to look at where the real problem is: OURSELVES!

So instead of blaming other people, our circumstances, the economy, or the Government. Understand that you have created your current condition and that also you have the power to change it.

Other essential points to take into account:

  • Feed your mind with faith-building and thought-provoking books, audios, seminars. Create an ethical philosophy for your life.
    Train your body! A healthy mind needs a healthy body to live in.
  • Associate with people that are better than yourself. Stay away from negative and toxic people.
  • Learn to develop the right habits and attitudes for your life; they are the mirrors of your mind.
  • And last but not least, whatever you do, do it with the enthusiasm of a 10-year-old. Show people, you are alive and going places.

Vitin Landivar. http://www.habitsofsuccess.org