What we are witnessing right now is death. The only thing we know for sure is that one day we will die. Everything dies. Everyone dies. And we have such fear associated with death that too often we are too scared to live fully and stay stuck relying on false safety nets. 

The world, as we know it, is dying, and so many people want to get back to ‘normal” and the way things were. But that will not happen. There is no going back for many of us who have released ourselves from the prison of the mind.

Perhaps what December 2020 is really asking from us is to be open to let go of what has outlived its usefulness, because when we become aware of death, we simultaneously open the door to birth. And that is where we find ourselves right now, entering 2021— standing at the verge of a new era with the chance to transform ourselves and step into our power as healthy creators on this planet. 

There is a lot of darkness in the world right now, both individually and collectively.  We are shifting in a world where experiencing life will become more important. While many people fear change, it is time to recognize that change is simply a part of life as it is the natural flow of life. Nothing in nature lives for itself.

Nature teaches you to connect and adapt. Trees don’t consume their own fruit and rivers don’t drink their own water but they communicate and support each other. When you become aware of the universal law of nature, which surrounds you in every moment of every day, you may see the world with greater intuition and imagination. While some people prefer security over risk taking, this is a time of opportunity to bring different thinking in the world. 

You can only receive the amount of light that you can absorb. We all have our own hands on our own dimmer switch and we can turn it up or down. Do you feel you are in charge of your own switch, or is someone else controlling yours? What I have learned through trial and error is that in instances when it seems to get too dark, I have the ability to let more light shine in. While the sun shines during the day, it disappears at night. Likewise, there are patterns and cycles in our life where we each experience dark moments. Can you accept them so you can begin to move through them and out the other side? Remember, it is always darkest before dawn

When you can connect with your inner self, you can find harmony within yourself. There are tests and challenges along the way so you can adjust, transform, un-learn so you can re-learn, re-imagine, re-invent and rebuild yourself. Everyone one of us has all been wired with an enthusiasm to explore, to question and a huge capacity for compassion.

Human history repeats itself and will continue to do so if we do not break the cycles. And your life will bring you the same lessons and people over and over until you start doing your work. Our systems are cracking, and it’s time to see the opportunities that are emerging instead of looking only at the problems. As you watch history repeat itself, you have two basic choices: you can recognize that you have already seen this movie and its sequel before and therefore can predict how it will play out next time; or, you can start creating a different story. It’s a choice.

You can criticize, complain, and blame others for what is happening around you, or you can see what is possible and create. In a world that constantly tries to make you like everyone else, it’s time to release what no longer serves you. It is an opportunity to make room for what does serve you and help you create a more meaningful path

The opportunity is to ask yourself tough questions and go deep into your soul to find out what you are made of. Regardless of what anyone else may think is cool, hip and trendy, what is it that you want your imprint to be? What sets you apart? How can you share your ideas with generosity, speak up, and shine a light in the world? The opportunity in front of you is to shift the focus away from fear and negativity and speak the language of music collectively in harmony. Our collective future depends on how you choose to live your life.

There is nothing here just for the sake of it. As a child, I always saw this as a fact of life and questioned what was the reason behind everything. The older I get, the more I see the reason as so obvious and it is in everything we see, do and feel. It is in your ability to evolve and discover healthier paths and practices in a way that won’t shock your system. 

When you can see your true potential, and recognize that everything is here to be discovered, you will discover a path full of opportunities. Hate and fear will no longer be the status quo both at the individual and collective levels of reality. So, what can you create?

  • Become aware that this is the era for releasing yourself from the KNOWN by becoming conscious of what and who no longer serves you
  • Connect with the natural flow of life
  • Grieve what you feel you lost so you can cut the ties and make space for opportunities–to see, feel and create with healthy bodies, minds and souls
  • Tap into why you are here–no matter how small or big–we each came here to co-create from our hearts, not to be liked or celebrated, but to live a full life with the imagination of a curious adventurer trekking into the unknown 
  • With courage, you address your irrational fears and limiting beliefs
  • Become conscious of every breath you take as life flows through the air, which is abundantly available to you, a natural resource that has not been monetized for consumption like water, electricity or food

It takes work, and at some point, you make a sacrifice of your old self to birth a new world and emerge aligned to your true nature, and nature itself. The process of transformation is a death and a birth. They are one. They are interconnected in flow. The Zen Japanese term shoji means birth-death. There is no separation between life and death other than a hyphen that connects the two. You cannot truly be alive without being aware of death. Death is always with us, helping us to discover what matters most and serves as a teacher of letting go.

When you rebirth, you understand that you’re not here on your own and you can co-create with all the resources around you in community.

The mystery of why you are here and where you go when you die continues. And yet, everything has a reason and a season.