As we continue down the journey of life, our well-being can fall out of alignment with new challenges and competing priorities. Everyone experiences different levels of trauma throughout life and the heavier the trauma, the greater the need for support. If we do not take the time to practice self-care and heal from past traumas, we run the long-term risk of repeating toxic patterns within our bodies and brains. Fortunately many tools for healing are increasingly accessible; yoga, coaching and healing retreats are a few powerful ways we can nourish ourselves. 

Given the complexity of our bodies and brains, it comes as no surprise that the act of healing these areas is similarly complex. For example, the amygdala, known as the brain’s alarm system, can be put into a fight, flight or freeze state when under chronic stress and trauma leading to hypervigilance or emotional dysregulation. The practice of coupling modalities, or pairing healing approaches together, can increase one’s rate of healing; coupling yoga with meditation and positive affirmations can yield transformative results for one’s brain. In this article, health and wellness experts Marianne Williamson (Spiritual Teacher and Author) and Gerry Powell, and Dr. Jeff McNairy (Rythmia Life Advancement Center Co-Founders) share their paths for development and self-exploration.

 Marianne Williamson, the author of the best-selling books A Return to Love and A Course in Miracles, believes in the power of positive thinking and self-healing through focusing on love. “We’re often afraid of looking at our shadow because we want to avoid the shame or embarrassment that comes along with admitting mistakes,” Marianne Williamson shared, “as we relinquish the fears that block the love within us, we become…miracle workers.” Retraining the brain to focus on positive emotions, such as love and gratitude, have been proven to increase mood and well-being.  

Alternative healing modalities, such as plant medicine, are also gaining popularity as a means to transform trauma into self-empowerment. Rythmia Life Advancement Center founder, Gerry Powell, shared his life story of being a former addict who turned to plant medicine for healing after a string of damaged relationships and fragile mental health. After his breakthrough, Gerry made it his personal mission to help others along their healing journey, “I’m a regular guy who had something extraordinary happen and as a result of that I want everyone to find their freedom and happiness.” 20+ years later, Rythmia is one of the leading centers in the world for plant-based medicine and holistic wellness classes where an astounding 95% of participants reported life-changing healing.   

At Rythmia, all attendees are given a holistic roadmap to healing in a supportive environment. Rythmia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff McNairy, emphasizes that Rythmia is a place that welcomes people from all backgrounds and paths who are interested in living life to its fullest extent, “In my practice I’ve worked with people who are struggling with acute trauma and addictions who don’t have a lifetime to sit around and hopefully get better…we want people to affect the world in the most beautiful way possible.”