In the last few weeks, I have been reconnecting with clients as we begin to hear about government plans for re-engagement in our communities.  We will soon open the doors to our businesses and invite friends and family to parties and gatherings as we lift the rules for physical distancing and lighten restrictions on voluntary isolation. One thing is for certain, it is a different landscape, things have changed both personally and professionally. 

New Mindset = New Results

The last 10 weeks have given us all an opportunity to review our own plans for the future, prioritize our objectives and get ready for a new sense of normal.

What is the new normal? 

There are many different conversations on the horizon as we each begin to create our own definitions and consider re-engagement plans for our businesses and social life. 

Here are a few highlights based on the conversations I’ve had so far: 

  1. Every entrepreneur is navigating a new way of connecting with their customers, where possible, virtual calls will most definitely become the norm.  They are efficient, cost effective and a productive way to meet with our teams, prospects and our established clientele. The platforms available expand our opportunities within a global audience and we no longer see barriers based on geography.
  2. Schedules and work processes will become fluid.  With all of the at-home workplace connections in recent weeks, companies no longer see barriers to productivity and most will be adapting to a more fluid work environment.  
  3. Right sizing teams and hiring based on skill. Executive and management teams have been under the microscope with owners taking a deep dive on organizational charts and leadership skills.  In the coming months, I believe there will be changes to reporting structures and job descriptions as we see changes and revisions to business plans with opportunities in new and emerging markets.
  4. Virtual platforms and revenue streams.  If you were ahead of the curve and introduced an on-line revenue stream before the pandemic you probably at the very least were able to market your services throughout the crisis.  Many are currently at the drawing board taking at least one aspect of their product or service and creating an on-line option for customer engagement.  We have all become tech savvy in recent weeks and have lost our inhibitions for purchasing and connecting on-line.
  5. New definitions for success! Each of us have taken at least a moment to review what is important and of value with either minor or major changes to our “bucket list.”  Innovation and collaboration will be top of mind as we discuss shortened work weeks, job sharing and a new attitude towards work.  A healthy, balanced approach seems to be emerging. We may not yet have it all figured out, but, conversations have started about how we may better organize our time between work and play. 

What is the new sense of normal?

That remains to be seen, at the moment there are certainly many conversations and innovative ideas being bantered behind the closed doors of our businesses and homes as we begin to create and emerge with our own re-engagement plans.  

What will I be doing with clients?  Introducing them to a 3 step process that I have used to navigate change and thrive through 2 recessions, 4 rebrands, 2 incidents of corporate burnout and 1 divorce.

New Mindset = New Results

As we begin to engage with our communities, and roll out our plans, communication will be key, as we begin to become familiar with a new sense of normal.

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach, Certifed Personal Trainer, Author, Mentor and Speaker. She is the founder and guest blog host for a portal in support of the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing great ideas.  Join us and share your story!