The ROI is directly proportional to the investment made in a business. This is world truth.

If you happen to invest a large amount of money in a successful business you are eligible to receive a large amount of money in return. Fact.

This Fact applies to our life as well.

Imagine yourself a task or work as a business. The effort you made for the task is the investment. The outcome of the task is your ROI. It is that simple.

This is not a surprise. This is not magic. This is true and fundamental fact in our life. You do not realize it. Once you accept the fact you can do things better and better and will make a good amount of effort with your whole heart. There happens actual business of life, you will be treated with a happy and great result.

Do your JOB. — And do it with maximum potential.

Do your job and do it with your whole heart. Do it with the maximum effort you can produce. You will definitely become happy with the result.

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