A brand new year brings a renewed sense of optimism, hope, aspirations, goals and dreams.   The start of a new year holds many new possibilities and opportunities. It is like standing in front of a blank canvass and creating it any way that you would like.

Now for some, narrowing down their vision and goals can feel overwhelming while for others, it can spur on creativity, fun and play. The energy of the second description feels more expansive, so let’s go with this one!

In keeping with the energy of creativity, fun and play, here are some pondering questions that can help you gain clarity and focus on your vision.   

What is your heart’s desire for 2018?

What would you love to achieve that is almost too good to be true?

What secret passion do you want to unleash?

Feel free to journal your responses or contemplate these questions while in nature, or enjoying another activity.

Once you have answered these questions, a fun and creative way to jump start your vision is to create a vision board.  

A vision board is powerful visual representation of your desired future. Some refer to it as a collage that includes visual images of what you desire.  It is a very popular activity, which I and my clients have used for years especially to mark the start of a new year.    

To help you get started, here are 5 steps to create and manifest your vision board.

Step 1: Set and state your intention.  What do you want your life and work to look like on December 31, 2018?  Perhaps you want to write a book this year, take a dream vacation, increase your income with grace and ease, or something else. Your intention acts as a compass and forms the basis for your vision and goals.

Step 2: Collect visual images from magazines, books, the internet, etc. that resonates with you in relation to your intention. You will need to set aside some uninterrupted time to cut out the images and arrange them like a collage and glue them onto a large poster board. The images can represent visual metaphors for what you want to manifest. These images can also help you to gain further clarity on your your goals and heart’s desire.

In addition to images, you can also collect words or phrases that are meaningful to you.

Enjoy the process by playing music, drinking your favorite beverage and so on.  The key is to work with you intuition when choosing the images and phrases.  Simply go with the flow and do not over think the process.

Step 3: Complete your board and assess it. What is the story of your vision board? What is the theme? Be sure that your vision board tells a story that you love and feel aligned to.

Step 4: Visualize your desires. Place your vision board somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis so you are always reminded of your vision and goals. Then take time daily to get quiet, close your eyes and visualize what you desire. Do this practice consistently until you feel that your vision and goals have been integrated into your being at a cellular level.

Step 5: Believe, Release & Act. It is essential to have the belief and conviction that your vision will come true. Once you have that conviction and “inner knowing” then you can release it to the Universe and know that it will bear fruit.

You will find that the Universe will start to bring you opportunities whether it is through people or other resources to help you with your vision and goals. Be sure to take action and follow your intuitive leads. Synchronicity and coincidences will begin to appear, which is a great way to know that you are on the right path.

Enjoy manifesting your vision. I am so excited for you!