You’ve always known you are meant for something bigger. You’re an overachiever, you always have been.

At a young age you were taught to believe there was a particular picture of what success should look like. You went after “it” and never looked back.

Until now, that is.

You’ve discovered that having accomplished everything you “should” be doing to achieve success hasn’t given you the most important thing. Purpose.

Everything looks shiny on the outside. Great family, nice home, successful career, and you even find time to give back.

But inside you feel unfulfilled and lonely. There is a part of you missing, and you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling in your life.

You have a mission, and a bigger message to share. You feel this and you’re being called to get in alignment with what you’re meant to do.

But you have a secret.

The secret that you have trouble admitting to anyone let alone yourself?

You’re scared, and you’re filled with doubt.

You’re thinking you might be crazy right? Because how can you have built this successful career and lifestyle and want to change it? You fear that admitting this and revealing your true feelings to anyone would mean that you’re ungrateful and weak. But it’s actually the opposite.

Making changes in your life that honor who you are, especially changes that help and inspire others, that is the TRUE definition of strength and what it means to achieve success.

All you have to do is answer the call that’s already in your heart and you’ll be able to…

➡️find your purpose and have what you really want for your life, not what you “should” want.

➡️answer your hearts desire so that you can start living on purpose, achieving your dreams and goals and FINALLY have your message heard.

➡️tune into your intuition and other gifts you’ve kept hidden for so long and allow them to be seen.

➡️learn how to feel fear and doubt and step into your power anyway.

You are meant for more, and you’ve always known that. Now it’s time to answer the call.

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Originally published here on LinkedIn, March 20, 2018.