VEERAH is derived from the Sanskrit word for “warrior” but what does it actually mean to be a VEERAH warrior? There are so many characteristics that define who she is and some that even defy explanation. First and foremost, our warrior muse is fearless.
A born go-getter, goal-setter and realistic dreamer in one, she takes bold strides as she effortlessly harnesses the balance between strength and femininity. She is self-confident and passionate about her convictions but never aggressive or unwilling to embrace new ideas.

Founded in 2016, VEERAH is a mission-driven luxury vegan shoe company that is redefining luxury footwear to be conscientious and cruelty-free. Everything that is unique about VEERAH stems from founder Stacey Chang’s unwavering commitment to drive a brand that compromises neither luxury nor sustainability. The values that fortify VEERAH’s brand identity are simple: We can Do Good AND Look Incredible.

Was the road to building VEERAH easy? No. Fast? Definitely not. It was; however, paved with challenging obstacles, all-nighters and hearing “No, that’s impossible”…but it did happen.


Perseverance and gratitude. Building a brand from scratch, especially a shoe brand, presented its own unique set of challenges but giving up and giving in to a direction that did not align with Stacey’s values was never an option. What helped to keep her moving forward and what keeps her small but dedicated team going today is embracing the power of gratitude as a daily part of life. When creating a brand from the ground floor up, there are countless hurdles to jump, and what Stacey learned early on was to be grateful for both small wins and big roadblocks. It drove her to hustle harder every day and to recognize those obstacles as lessons in disguise.

It was back in 2014 when Stacey began her journey to launch a sustainable luxury brand. She was a woman on a mission, one that would take her throughout Europe and Asia, where she not only expanded her understanding of craftsmanship but also learned that she could be tenacious and embrace her femininity as a source of strength. Afterall, this female-led start-up was created expressly for today’s multifaceted modern woman: a compassionate, conscientious, pavement-stomping warrior!

In addition to creating a sustainable luxury brand that embodied her passion for protecting the planet and all of its creatures, it was also very important for Stacey to give back to the community— a brand that empowered and inspired girls through education. Her goal was simple: grow together and give back! To learn more, visit

Do Good + Look Incredible.